BeerAdvocate magazine #83

BeerAdvocate in 2014 Beer Smack by

One of our New Year’s resolutions as a company is to communicate with you—our supporters—more, so we thought it appropriate to get a head start by sharing some of the projects planned for the upcoming year.

Beer News News by

The Alchemist closes cannery to public, promises new retail space soon; analysts believe time is nigh for SABMiller / AB-InBev merger; phony “Brew Dog” beer shop opens in China; and new beer laws on tap for Ohio, Michigan and Georgia.

The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks Shelf Talker by

In The Complete Beer Course, each category of beer (lagers, Wheats, Abbey-style Ales, et al) gets clever treatment as a “course,” as author Joshua Bernstein guides the reader through brewing history and flavor profiles.

Red Velvet Kindred Spirits by

A nod to the classic black velvet shandy, this beer cocktail uses Chinotto soda to play on the cola-like character of Flemish Reds and a dash of floral crème de violette.

Countertop Brewing Innovation by

Just a bit bigger than a microwave oven, PicoBrew is designed to fit under your kitchen cabinets and promises to crank out pro-brewery-quality beer with minimal effort.

GhostRider White IPA by Wasatch Brewery Label Approval by

The label for GhostRider IPA is the second collaboration for Wasatch brewer Adam Curfew and artist Stephen Kesler, who’ve been friends since high school.

Cheers to Charity: Three Business Models That Let Pubs Give Back The Business of Beer by

Bars and pubs across the country, from The Oregon Public House in Portland to Finnegan’s in Minnesota and CAUSE in Washington DC, make their business model about giving back to local charities.

Escape from Abandonment Brick & Mortar by

When Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman wanted to move the St. Louis Brewery into a former printing warehouse, folks in St. Louis questioned the founders’ business acumen, if not their sanity, especially in light of Anheuser-Busch’s dominance over the local beer scene.

Information Overload Unfiltered by

Breweries have an incentive to provide context and clarity to consumers, even if their beers stretch traditional style categories. A beer simply labeled with an obscure name gives no clues as to its flavor or character.

Winter Beer and Summer Beer History by the Glass by

No, Sommerbier and Winterbier are not seasonal specials. At least not in the sense you’re thinking. They’re two of the earliest lager styles, now almost completely forgotten, though traces of them remain.

Troubleshooter’s Corner BYOB by

In the Maltose Falcons homebrew club, we resurrected a moribund tradition: “Troubleshooter’s Corner.” It’s simple: Several veteran brewers take over a space, and brewers can bring beer they have questions about.

Christmas Puddings à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

In these holiday pudding recipes, Imperial Stout enhances the flavors of dried fruit in a Medieval English-style figgy pudding, while a Winter Warmer adds notes of malt, toffee, and caramel to traditional tapioca.

REAL a Gastropub in Honolulu, Hawaii Barkeep by

In 2012, Troyo Terorotura opened REAL a Gastropub in Honolulu. Included in the establishment’s 24 taps and more than 200 bottles are beers from mainland breweries like Coronado, Ballast Point and Clown Shoes, right beside locals like Kona, Maui Brewing and Big Island.

David Sakolsky of Blue Lobster Brewing Company Going Pro by

As head brewer at Hampton, New Hampshire’s Blue Lobster Brewing Co., David Sakolsky brews innovative beers that nevertheless remain rooted in classic styles.

Grimm Artisanal Ales: New York’s Innovative Nomads From the Source by

Like all good fairy tales, the story of Grimm Artisanal Ales starts with a moment of enchantment. One night in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University students Lauren and Joe Grimm attended a talk on wild fermentation that left them spellbound.

Where to Drink in Seattle, Washington Destinations by

Seattle’s love affair with good beer began in 1981 in the city’s Ballard neighborhood, where Redhook converted an old auto repair shop into its original brewery. Other breweries soon sprang up, and by the end of the 1980s, the local craft beer had secured a permanent place in the city’s beverage landscape.

Brewing Across the Border: Craft Beer in Baja California Feature by

Baja California might be best known for its beachside fish tacos and off-road racing, but the northwestern Mexican state has seriously upped its craft beer game, defining itself as the country’s largest contingent for “cerveza artesanal.”

Grant Wood, Co-Founder and Master Brewer, Revolver Brewing Last Call by

The brewer behind Sam Adams Black Lager, Angry Orchard and Utopias kept an eye on the beer scene in his home state of Texas, and in early 2012 he left Boston Beer Co. to help launch Revolver Brewing near Dallas.