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Croquettes From Around the World Part 2 Cooking with Beer by

Continuing a thematic journey of perfect fried bar snacks from around the world, this recipe features a Belgian-style croquette. Here we use a different technique to create the filling and coating for the final croquette.

The Publick House in Brookline, Massachusetts Barkeep by

The Boston area’s first gastropub was born on July 11th, 2002. David Ciccolo was making beer for Tremont Brewing and bartending to help pay the bills. When he realized his bartending “partner in crime,” Ailish Gilligan, shared his interest in opening a spot, they got to work on The Publick House.

Recipes from the Toronado Belgian Beer Dinner Cooking with Beer by

Four years ago, I was asked to create a menu for San Francisco’s Toronado, to showcase the cuisine of Belgium. Here are three recipes from this year’s Belgian Beer Dinner.

B is for “Beer” and for “Braising” Cooking with Beer by

The recipes that follow use the braising technique while showcasing global cuisines with different proteins. The chosen beers enhance the dish by bringing their own flavor profiles to the recipe, creating a wonderful sauce to be served over the final plate.

Beer Chefs Feature by

Let’s stow the mashstaffs for an issue and drop a respectful nod to those who are dedicated to the knife and board.

Beer Donuts Cooking with Beer by

Push aside the Bloody Mary and start the day off with a beer-infused donut that will satisfy any weekend craving for a fried piece of goodness.