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Thanksgiving, Craft Beer Style Cooking with Beer by

Each year, we take all that Mother Nature has to offer to decorate the dining table with a bountiful fall feast. The recipes this month bring together food and libation to create incredible flavors that will complement your Thanksgiving holiday traditions.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time BYOB by

This recipe is all about the PB&J sandwich. It’s based around a Brown Ale, with rye and aromatic malt for toasty bread, and yeast that gives us an English “fruity jam.” Then after fermentation, a helping of powdered peanut butter.

Asian Noodle Salads Cooking with Beer by

This time of year, farmers markets are full of the season’s bounty. Grab what’s available and experiment with adding different flavors and textures to salads. Guided by an Asian-inspired muse, these recipes showcase a variety of noodle styles to mix up the routine and inspire new pairing combinations.

Middle Eastern Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Middle Eastern dishes are enjoyable in hot weather, perfect for the late summer months. Most of these recipes can be made in advance, pulled out at a moment’s notice, or packed up and brought to the beach, the park or a gathering with friends.

I Fought the Law, and the Law … BYOB by

If there’s any blessing that the odd endeavor of homebrewing has enjoyed, it’s been the law’s disinterest in pursuing legal action against such ragged misfits. However, with homebrewing and craft beer’s rise in popularity, the state’s unblinking gaze increasingly falls on our efforts.

Beer Caramels Cooking with Beer by

This caramel recipe takes a candy idea, adds beer, some salt, and other sophisticated flavors, while preserving the nostalgic childhood excitement of unwrapping those cellophane Brach’s caramels on Halloween night.

Brown Ale Oxtail Soup and Pale Ale Pork Stew Cooking with Beer by

You will find that the beers used in these two soup recipes help distribute flavors, while adding depth to the final steaming bowl, creating a pleasant dining experience for that cold winter day.

The Recursive Staff of Life BYOB by

It’s clear from history that beer and bread, brewing and baking, have always been intimately connected. Old-World recipes for beer-making combined fresh grain with crumbled loaves of dense storage bread, like the Sumerian bappir. The beer we’re using is made with the bread we’re baking.

Double Brown Ale History by the Glass by

The first modern Brown Ale, brewed by Manns of London, appeared just before 1900. Only after World War I did the style really take off. In the 1920s, most other London brewers introduced their own.

Turning Cupcakes into Pubcakes Cooking with Beer by

I started playing around with cupcakes and, of course, adding beer spins to some nostalgic flavors. It was then that I actually started to understand the excitement.

Improving the Sandwich with Beer Cooking with Beer by

These three beer-infused sandwich variations include a pair of regional specialties known to hungry travelers as well as a popular (and easy to make) classic.

Lovin’ from the Oven Cooking with Beer by

In brewing, it’s the yeast, as we know, that turns sugars into our beloved alcohol; in beer bread, this alcohol is burned off in the baking process, but the end result is an extremely practical bread that perfectly captures the slight sweetness and yeasty, malty appeal of beer.

Brown Ale: Overdue Props for an Oft-Forgotten Standby Style Profile by

Admit it, you probably wish Brown Ale was something “better”—stronger, more assertive, different.

Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey Going Pro by

How do you celebrate fifteen Great American Beer Festival medals and back-to-back GABF Small Brewery Brewer of the Year nods? You open up a new brewing and bottling plant, and start distribution of two new lines of beer.