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Boozier Beer and Exploding Bottles Zymology by

Nobody thought the explosion of dryhopped beer was going to be literal.

Brewers Showcase Hoppiness Without Bitterness in Zero IBU IPAs News by

Since The Veil’s “zero IBU” IPA first appeared in April 2016, several breweries have released their own takes on the sub-style, including Other Half in New York, Twin Sails in Vancouver, BC, and a collaboration between Cerebral Brewing in Denver and Chicago’s Mikerphone Brewing.

Hashing It Out: A New Hop Supercharger for Homebrewers BYOB by

Brewing a Pale Ale with Idaho 7 “hop hash,” a hop supercharger added in the kettle or whirlpool for more potent hop character with less muddiness.

Magic Dust: Will a New Oil-Rich Powder Change Hoppy Beers? Behind the Bines by

As lupulin powder, an oil-rich hop dust, makes its way into the brewing marketplace, the high-tech ingredient could shape the future of hoppy beer as we know it.

Bring All the Brewers to the Yard: Strawberry Milkshake IPA BYOB by

Inspired by a professional collaboration, this Strawberry Milkshake IPA recipe uses fruity Citra and Mosaic hops, white wheat malt, oats, lactose, and strawberry puree.

Hazed and Confused: Seeking Clarity in IPAs Zymology by

What’s wrong with unfiltered beer? Nothing, traditionally speaking. Grains like oats and wheat, which brewers have used for hundreds of years, are known for rendering cloudy beer. But when it’s a hazy American IPA, people start arguing.

San Diego Bound BYOB by

Brian Trout’s homebrewed DIPA is rich, and coats the tongue with hop flavors; playful, with the mango-pineapple of Citra, and bitter enough to remind you that it means business without being obnoxiously teeth rattling. He calls it a “San Diego Sunset Golden.”

Faster Hop Testing! BYOB by

News of a fast and cheap way to explore the nuances of dry-hop character—pop open a Bud Light, drop some hops and re-cap it—has spread like wildfire. The great thing about this technique is the endless variety.

The West Coast is Hoppin’ BYOB by

With hop prices coming down and the world missing a good “East Coast” versus “West Coast” battle, maybe it’s time to fire off your own salvo in the IPA wars.

Salvaging Your Nasty Homemade Brew BYOB by

Short of a tannic overload, a phenolic disaster or a baby diaper in the fermentor, homebrew flaws are correctable.