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Sour on Extract? Try Homebrewing with Leftover Hot Liquor Tank Water BYOB by

Squeeze the most out of your brew day with this tasty sour, made with malt extract, Magnum hop pellets, and leftover hot liquor tank water.

Extract This: The Secret to Bitterness Without Muddiness BYOB by

To achieve peak bitterness without green muddiness, this Pliny the Elder clone calls for multiple doses of hop extract.

Bubbling to the Top: The Rise of Hard Root Beers The Business of Beer by

Buoyed by the meteoric rise of Not Your Father’s Root Beer, 2015 has undoubtedly brought us the Summer of Botanical Beer. But where will it all end? Or will it?

How Homebrewing Bridged Three Generations Feature by

I didn’t need homebrewing and a love of craft beer to bring my son and me closer together, but because he suggested we make Wheaton’s Own Going To California Pale Ale, he ended up giving me the best Father’s Day gift of all time: something that brought me closer to my own dad.

Extracting the Best BYOB by

Of the country’s estimated 750,000 homebrewers, the vast majority are extract brewers. Many of them are brewing vets and produce an excellent tipple. Why does extract beer’s reputation suck so much? Two reasons—old extract and noob brewers.

The Fine Art of Trauma Brewing BYOB by

Remember—keeping the beer flowing is the goal. Do whatever it takes. Cut all the corners you need. Short boil or mash? Sure! Extract? Sure! Yeast with no starter? Go fer it. If it gets the beer made, do it.

Wheat Wine: The Improbable Style BYOB by

Varying in color, strength, aroma and flavor, the style is a confusing flux of newness. Soft bready aromas and sweet wheat flavors provide a safe experimental base. Everything else is up in the air!

Brewing Your Way Out of a Slump: How to Get Back into the Game and Improve Your Brewing Average BYOB by

As I write this, I’ll be brewing my first batch of beer in two months and showing you ways to defeat the inevitable slump.

Laying the Groundwork BYOB by

The step by step process of setting up your own homebrew shop.