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Idaho’s First Hop Pelletizing Facility to Open in August 2017 News by

Idaho is the third largest producer of hops in the US, but the state was lacking a hop pelletizing facility—until now.

Beer News News by

Ancient brewing equipment found in China; 14 breweries leave Colorado Brewers Guild; Walmart launches beer brand; and a roundup of legislation passed in Alabama, Idaho, and Ohio.

Grand Teton Brewing Company: Idaho Brews with Mountain Views From the Source by

Located right at the base of Teton Pass, a popular backcountry skiing spot, Grand Teton Brewing Company has cultivated both a strong après-ski culture and a philanthropic culture in its 28-year legacy.

Bittercreek Alehouse in Boise, Idaho Barkeep by

With its basement-dark, modest interior, worn-wood furniture, a handful of televisions, and a charming, vine-covered porch, Bittercreek has seen some things in its 20 years.

Where to Drink in Boise, Idaho Destinations by

Boise’s growing beer scene seems like a natural lifestyle progression in a place teeming with outdoor recreation. Boiseans love rafting, hiking, mountain biking and camping, so canned beer is ubiquitous. Just remember, it’s pronounced “boy-see,” not “boy-zee.”

Portneuf Valley Brewing From the Source by

The owner of Portneuf Valley Brewing—a distributing brewpub based in Pocatello, Idaho—has long hair, but it hangs off her ponytail, not her chin. Although she is in rare company as a female brewer, that isn’t what sets her apart from the peers in her area.

Boise Destinations by

Boise bars eagerly stock the biggest, most fragrant beers that Oregon and Washington can pump out. And its homegrown breweries are following that brewing tradition to great effect. Come see for yourself.

Idaho, Wyoming and Montana Destinations by

Idaho, Wyoming and Montana all boast some fantastic, overlooked winter destinations, offering more room on the slopes than their crowded, more-heralded neighbor to the south, as well as more elbow room at the bar.