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True Beer: Inside the Small, Neighborhood Nanobreweries Changing the World of Craft Beer Shelf Talker by

Author Timothy Sprinkle takes readers behind the scenes of Colorado nanobreweries to reveal the realities, with a nuanced perspective on this narrow but growing segment.

The Story of Beer Unfiltered by

In the craft beer sphere, story remains a crucial component of building and maintaining a strong brand identity. It’s not just about making solid, drinkable and interesting beers.

The Craft Beer Middle Class Unfiltered by

We do not hear much about a middle class, those mainly regional brewers slogging it out in the trenches day after day. These mid-sized breweries, which make 15 to 20,000 barrels or more and distribute in only a small number of states, are the bishops and knights of the craft beer chess game, crucial to the industry’s performance.

Looking Back, Looking Forward Unfiltered by

American craft brewers remind me of students just completing their sophomore years of college. Having secured their footing, they understand how things work, but remain unsure of what their futures hold; excited to experience the wider world, but still nervous about making their mark.

Tiny Cracks Appearing The Politics of Beer by

The Germans have discovered the nanobrewery. These nanobreweries consist of a tiny kit, typically operating in a cellar, kitchen or shed, in which beer is made in tiny runs of as little as 50 liters a go, for commercial sale.

Evan Klein and Craig Frymark of Barrier Brewing Company Going Pro by

The guys at Barrier Brewing Company don’t think of themselves as nanobrewers. They’re just brewers who happen to be producing beers at the ridiculous rate of two kegs per batch.

When Size Matters Unfiltered by

Many great breweries started on an extremely small scale, and there are many nanos that make quality beers. But as with many homebrews, there is no replacing professionally brewed beers.