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Does the Brut IPA Have a Future? Style Profile by

More than 600 examples of Brut IPA have been added to the BeerAdvocate database in recent months. Can it hold the attention of beer enthusiasts or will demand sputter as drinkers return to West Coast IPAs and New England IPAs?

Racing to Meet Demand, More Breweries Add Wood-Aging Facilities News by

Increased demand for barrel-aged beers and the ability for breweries to dedicate resources to long-term projects has 2017 poised to be the year of the wood cellar.

Phil Markowski of Two Roads Brewing Co. Going Pro by

The old brick factory in Stratford, Conn., where Phil Markowski launched Two Roads Brewing Company is a symbol of breathing new life into an old manufacturing facility. But it’s also a metaphor for their approach to brewing.

Double Witbier: More of Everything Style Profile by

Crisp, divinely flavored with coriander and orange peels, spicy and fruity. Typically made with unmalted wheat and perhaps oats, it is left unfiltered to produce a hazy, pale color with a billowing white cloud of foam.

Altbier: Germany’s Pale Ale? Style Profile by

Altbier is not purely an ale, nor is it a lager. It is a hybrid. The result of its unusual brewing process is an entirely distinctive (and often under-appreciated) flavor.