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Happily Single: The Satisfaction of Beer Monogamy Unfiltered by

No longer paralyzed by choice, there’s a freedom that comes from sitting at a bar with friends, hefting steins of the exact same beer for hours.

Brevnovský Klášterní Pivovar Sv. Vojtecha From the Source by

Brevnovský Pivovar has an annual production of about 2,500 barrels. Most of that is its Pale Lager, but it also makes an Imperial Stout, a Baltic Porter and an IPA, all rarities in lager-loving central Europe. For the moment, however, none of the brewery’s beers are regularly exported out of the Czech Republic.

Prague, Czech Republic Destinations by

Beneath a fairytale skyline of spires, domes and towers, a modern city of industry and commerce sits upon cobblestone streets and ancient bridges. Prague is a maddening riddle.

Much the Same, Thank You The Politics of Beer by

Modern Prague is not a bad experience. On the contrary, it is many times better than it used to be. But I am glad that I was young when I was, and saw different worlds from the one that has become familiar.