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Tallgrass Brewing Co.’s 8-Bit Pale Ale Label Approval by

The throwback design for 8-Bit Pale Ale carried Tallgrass Brewing Co. beyond its college town of Manhattan, Kansas.

Small Breweries Struggle With Can Supply Challenges News by

As more breweries choose cans, often at minimum quantities, the three can producers—Colorado’s Ball Corp., London’s Rexam and Pennsylvania’s Crown Cork & Seal—are struggling with an influx of new orders.

Jeff Gill of Tallgrass Brewing Company Going Pro by

Jeff Gill started Tallgrass Brewing in the college town of Manhattan, Kan. To make his business work, Gill had to brew with the ambitions of a much larger brewery, targeting casual drinkers and hopheads alike, and carving out a wide distribution footprint that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to North Dakota.