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Sage Advice: Homebrewing a Savory Tripel BYOB by

This year, forego dessert-inspired holiday ales with this recipe for a Tripel that borrows a savory ingredient from the main course: white sage.

Italian Comfort Food: Risotto Cooking with Beer by

This dish is so simple—just some sautéed vegetables, a short-grain rice and really good stock. Enhance the umami flavors of a mushroom risotto by adding miso, soy sauce and Stout, or use a Belgian Tripel to add flavors of peppercorn and citrus to a crab risotto.

Birth of Cool, Part One BYOB by

It’s best to pitch your beer cold and let it rise slowly to suppress the early formation of obnoxious esters and fusels. This recipe for a Belgian-style Tripel benefits from the chilly start.

Giving Thanks for Beer Cooking with Beer by

Create a Belgian-inspired Thanksgiving with four dishes that play with traditional flavors but inject a dose of the Flemish countryside to accentuate other flavor attributes.

Vive La Révolution Québécois Destinations by

Québec’s artisan beer revolution traces back to the Belgian-inflected brewing of Unibroue, which opened in 1992; 20 years later, the movement is entering its adolescence with confidence.

B is for “Beer” and for “Braising” Cooking with Beer by

The recipes that follow use the braising technique while showcasing global cuisines with different proteins. The chosen beers enhance the dish by bringing their own flavor profiles to the recipe, creating a wonderful sauce to be served over the final plate.

Thanksgiving Halfway Around the World Cooking with Beer by

These international twists on Turkey Day staples include a pistachio and Apricot Ale couscous stuffing and an orange enoki mushroom sauce made with Tripel.

Brats Gone Wild: Oktoberfest Sausage 2 Ways Cooking with Beer by

Bratwurst is a beautiful thing when prepared correctly. It’s the perfect one-handed meal: a good, chewy roll coated with mustard, filled with a meaty yet juicy sausage, and topped with beer-braised sweet onions and peppers.

Late Summer Bounty: 3 Fruity Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

Summer markets are full of wonderful ripe fruits that are perfect for fresh, seasonal desserts, making this season the perfect opportunity to think about which styles of beers will enhance what Mother Nature has created.

Tripel: The Best of the Best Style Profile by

Tripel what? It’s not three times the alcoholic strength of a basic beer, nor the gravity, nor the malt, nor the hops. It has nothing to do with its process of fermentation or even its price.

Aloha Beer Cocktails Cooking with Beer by

Make any one, or all three, of these three beer cocktails to add a little island feel to your luau at home.

Get Your Wood On: Oaking Your Homebrew Made Easy BYOB by

The general opinion around wood’s use in brewing has evolved thanks to the discovery of a fundamental truth: Oaked beers taste great!

Tasty Beer Treats for the Holidays Cooking with Beer by

Taste the nuances of the latest holiday beers by cooking tasty treats with your favorite seasonal brews.

Little Town, Big Beers: Touring the Breweries and Cafés of Ingelmunster, Belgium Feature by

The Belgian town of Ingelmunster may be small, but beer-wise, it’s huge.
 Located in the province of West Flanders, Ingelmunster is a place with a long history, jam-packed with political and religious strife and, of course, untold hectoliters of fine Belgian beer.