Hard Picard

Kindred Spirits by | Aug 2014 | Issue #91

Crafted at Plonk Wine in Missoula, Mont.

We wanted to create a refreshing summer drink that would complement Beltian White from Harvest Moon Brewing Company in Belt, Mont. The orange and Earl Grey infusions pair well with the notes of coriander and citrus in the beer. Inspired by the “hard” tea ingredient (Earl Grey-infused Pineau des Charentes), and by the favorite beverage of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we christened the drink Hard Picard.

2 oz Harvest Moon Beltian White (or another Witbier, like Ommegang Witte or Unibroue Blanche de Chambly)
3/4 oz Earl Grey tea-infused Pineau des Charentes
3/4 oz orange-infused bourbon
1/2 oz St-Germain
1/2 oz lemon-lime juice (two limes to one lemon fresh juiced)
1 oz orange juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 ea orange slice

Combine bourbon, St-Germain, lemon-lime juice, orange juice, bitters and Pineau des Charentes in a shaker with ice. Shake for 30 seconds, then strain into a tumbler on the rocks, leaving an inch of room in the glass. Top with Beltian White. Garnish with a brûléed orange slice.

Infusion directions:
To infuse the bourbon, add a cheesecloth filled with the zest of 8 oranges to 1.5 L of the bourbon of your choice. Leave the infusion in an airtight container for two days. To infuse the Pineau des Charentes, steep 3 tea bags in 750 mL of Pineau des Charentes for 1 1/2 hours. 

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