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How to Homebrew Any Style of White Beer with a Universal Base Recipe BYOB by

Starting with a universal white beer recipe as a base allows homebrewers to travel the world of beer styles by swapping out just a few key ingredients.

Winter Beer Stollen Cooking with Beer by

Modify a recipe for stollen, a traditional German holiday bread, with ingredients like raisins soaked in rum barrel-aged Stout or Eisbock-soaked dried fruit.

Hopped Strawberry Shortcake with Witbier Curd Cooking with Beer by

Barley flour, hopped strawberries, and Witbier curd boost the flavor in strawberry shortcake without sacrificing the classic dessert’s nostalgia factor.

Carolina Creeper Kindred Spirits by

In this beer cocktail, Watermelon provides a refreshing base as lemon and thyme subtly act as a bridge to the peppery finish, while a Witbier finishes the cocktail with a light, smooth mouthfeel.

Asian-Style Noodles Infused with Stout and Witbier Cooking with Beer by

A Stout-infused mushroom sauce and spicy seafood sauce with Witbier bring unique flavors to two Asian-style noodle dishes.

Nectar of the Gods BYOB by

A Witbier recipe with pomegranate juice, inspired by the fruit’s place in Greek mythology and February’s ubiquitous pink color scheme.

Croquettes From Around the World Part 2 Cooking with Beer by

Continuing a thematic journey of perfect fried bar snacks from around the world, this recipe features a Belgian-style croquette. Here we use a different technique to create the filling and coating for the final croquette.

Hard Picard Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by the favorite beverage of Star Trek’s Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, this beer cocktail combines bourbon, St-Germain, lemon-lime juice, orange juice, bitters and Earl Grey tea-infused Pineau des Charentes with a Belgian Wit.

The Nebraska Shandy Kindred Spirits by

Gin, ginger beer and lemon juice complement Nebraska Brewing Co.’s Infinite Wit Witbier in this beer cocktail.

Beer Cocktails Feature by

As innovations in craft beer yield new styles and ever-more complex flavor profiles, the most creative mixologists in the country have added beer to their palette, and the results are packed with inimitable flavors and textures.

Fishing For A Good Time Party-Gyle by

I hear this question a lot: “What kind of beer goes best with fish?”

3 Cool Salads to Beat the Heat Cooking with Beer by

Salads can be simple yet very tasty, complex and creative. Particularly when using flavorful beers, a salad can become a unique and satisfying meal.

Beer Ice Cream Cooking with Beer by

Blending beer and ice cream has endless possibilities for making cold, frosty treats, and these four recipes will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

4 Beer Soups for Colder Months Cooking with Beer by

In these recipes, beer is used not only to add liquid to these delicious soups, but the brew’s style adds extra-subtle flavors that cannot be created from a spice rack or other ingredient.

Double Witbier: More of Everything Style Profile by

Crisp, divinely flavored with coriander and orange peels, spicy and fruity. Typically made with unmalted wheat and perhaps oats, it is left unfiltered to produce a hazy, pale color with a billowing white cloud of foam.

Welcome to the Kasbah: North African Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

These recipes from Morocco and Ethiopia will possibly make you think differently when craving comfort food during the cold weather of winter.

Brewing Your Way Out of a Slump: How to Get Back into the Game and Improve Your Brewing Average BYOB by

As I write this, I’ll be brewing my first batch of beer in two months and showing you ways to defeat the inevitable slump.

Light-Struck Beer, Consumption by State, and Serving Temperature Ask the Beer Geek by

Bottles vs. cans; top 10 beer consuming states; proper serving temperature for craft brews; and how to pour Wits and Hefeweizens.

Give That Turkey A Brew! Cooking with Beer by

Are you tired of dry turkey? Is the canned cranberry sauce not what it used to be? Bored with the store-bought cheesecake? Here are some updated classic recipes, perfect for the homebrewer, beer connoisseur and everyday foodie.

Witbier: Sunset Moon-Gaarden Style Profile by

Witbier goes back 500 years, to a period when beer was made with wheat and typically balanced not by hops but by a blend of herbs and spices known as gruit.

Joly Moly! Cooking with Beer by

For us regular folk, cooking with beer has always been fair game. A few cans of Bud may serve as a delicious, industry-standard sauce for simmering fresh mussels; and any ale can lend a comforting, yeasty tang to a sturdy loaf of beer bread.