BeerAdvocate magazine #91

10 Reasons Why Beer Listicles Suck Beer Smack by

A listicle is basically a ranked, themed, or in some cases random list with words wrapped around it that’s passed off as content. We’re not fans. And here’s why they suck, in no particular order.

Harpoon Becomes Employee-Owned Company, CEO Rich Doyle to Step Down News by

On July 9, Harpoon Brewery introduced its employees to the new owners of the company: themselves. Harpoon’s shareholder group transferred 48 percent of its stock to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, effective August 1.

Brewery Vivant Becomes the Newest B Corp-Certified Brewery News by

In May of this year, Brewery Vivant of Grand Rapids, Mich. became the fifth brewery to earn B Corp, or benefit corporation.

BrewDog Launches Development Fund, Selects First Two Recipients News by

During its annual shareholders meeting, BrewDog of Scotland announced plans to invest in up-and-coming craft breweries across the globe. The first two recipients are Brew By Numbers and CAP (Curious Audacious Products).

Beer News News by

Mott’s Tributary Brewing opens; DeLuca seeks to revive New Albion; Strumke scores with Brazilian collaboration; and National Homebrew Competition sets record.

American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations.

Hard Picard Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by the favorite beverage of Star Trek’s Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, this beer cocktail combines bourbon, St-Germain, lemon-lime juice, orange juice, bitters and Earl Grey tea-infused Pineau des Charentes with a Belgian Wit.

GrOpen Your Beer Innovation by

Proudly designed and manufactured in Colorado, GrOpener (grab + opener) is a new magnetized tool that allows you to open any capped bottle single-handedly in a simple motion.

Belle Royale by Driftwood Brewery Label Approval by

Mad Bruin, Lustrum and, of course, Belle Royale Sour Cherry Wild Ale, are just a few of Driftwood’s sour labels featuring some fierce fliers inked by artist Margaret Hanson. The latter was designed to pay homage to the Parisian artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

New Legislation Brings Changes to Michigan’s Brewing Landscape The Business of Beer by

Michigan, along with California, Colorado and Oregon, has paved the way for favorable legislation for breweries and has seen tremendous industry growth as a result. But even in growing beer states, the fight isn’t always easy.

Out of Thin Air Zymology by

Fogcatching technology near the world’s driest desert provides water for parched communities and resourceful brewers.

On Roman Time Unfiltered by

The Julian system is but one of many tricks that craft brewers employ to confuse unsuspecting consumers into buying old and often lifeless beer. Lacking in simple clarity, it requires customers to come equipped with additional computational skills just to find a relatively fresh bottle.

Berliner Braunbier History by the Glass by

We’ve all heard of Berliner Weisse, but who now remembers her brunette sibling, Berliner Braunbier? She’s disappeared without a trace, despite, unlike many German top-fermenting styles, being brewed within living memory.

Brew Club Brew BYOB by

Many of us treat brewing like a solitary act and can’t see intruding on someone else’s session. Remember though, for most of history, brewing was taught through apprenticeship. Showing is a massively effective way to teach the craft.

A Taste of Brazil with a Splash of Beer Cooking with Beer by

Its location near the equator, the amount of sun, and the length of its seasons make Brazil rich in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Brazilian ingredients are fairly easy to acquire and these dishes pair wonderfully with many types of beer.

The Birch in Norfolk, Virginia Barkeep by

At The Birch, the colorful chalkboard tap list incorporates Virginia breweries like Champion and Smartmouth alongside national mainstays like Allagash and Left Hand while its website advertises a specialization in “craft artisanal European crazy hard to say beer and cheese.”

John Stuart of Green Man Brewery Going Pro by

Green Man is one of Asheville, North Carolina’s old-line breweries—a legendary name in a legendary beer town. And under Stuart and his crew, it’s been growing faster than ever, delivering unique takes on English Ale standbys plus an array of sought-after American IPAs, Stouts and American Wild Ales.

Kauai Beer Company From the Source by

KBC’s location in central Lihue might seem problematic. Once bustling with activity as the hub of Kauai’s sugarcane industry, the area fell into decline, leaving behind a mix of used car lots alongside insurance, legal and government offices. In this landscape, KBC is a bright spot, helping revive downtown Lihue.

Where to Drink in Las Vegas, Nevada Destinations by

As a beer destination, Las Vegas is still in its adolescence, but despite some growing pains, there’s genuine enthusiasm across the city that is worth straying from the world-famous Strip to sample.

The New Bitter: Are Sour Beers on Their Way to Becoming the Next IPA? Feature by

What is it about this family of beers that seems to be enchanting a generation? Could sours eclipse IPAs as the new face of American craft brewing? It’s a long shot, but people once asked similar questions about hoppy West Coast ales.

To Drink or Not to Drink: What Date Codes Say About Your Beer Feature by

When a beer is labeled “best by,” the brewery makes a judgment weighing freshness against shelf life, and, presumably, the brewery’s bottom line. With “bottled on” dates, buyers must decide for themselves.

Brian Dunn, Founder of Great Divide Brewing Co. Last Call by

Before he built a brewery in Denver, Brian Dunn built a farm in Algeria. In June, Great Divide Brewing Company celebrated 20 years of Yetis, fresh hops and apparently, squirrel traps.