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Hops Of Wrath: A Low-ABV Beer Cocktail with Bourbon, Lemon, and West Coast IPA Kindred Spirits by

This quaffable beer cocktail has big citrus notes and a bitter palate-cleansing stage, making it refreshing and complex in flavor without send you over the edge after a few drinks.

How to Make Lord Nibbler, a Cocktail with IPA syrup, Bourbon, and Campari Kindred Spirits by

The pine and citrus notes in the massive hop profile of COOP Ale Works’ F5 IPA shine brightly against the bourbon’s hints of soft vanilla and spice in this beer cocktail by Oklahoma bar Valkyrie.

How to Make a Brewski Old Fashioned Beer Cocktail Kindred Spirits by

This beer cocktail combines classic old fashioned ingredients of orange peel, cherry, and bourbon with Oatmeal Stout and a housemade vanilla Stout syrup for sweetness.

Hay Rye’d Kindred Spirits by

A spiced rye ale combines with warming rye whiskey, black pepper vodka, ginger, and orange, hops, and charred cedar bitters to create a spicy beer cocktail with a depth of flavor.

Whilst Winter Fades Kindred Spirits by

Rye whiskey and maple syrup work together in this cocktail to liven the spicy and floral components of a one-off Pilsner from Oregon’s Fort George Brewery.

Cocktail-Inspired Beers Gain Popularity News by

A growing number of cocktail-inspired beers from brewers like Brooklyn Brewery, Short’s Brewing, Four Quarters Brewing and Perennial Artisan Ales have the potential to connect cocktail and beer cultures.

How to Make a Confluence “Double You”-IPA Cocktail Kindred Spirits by

Combining IPA with bourbon and adding a hit of sweet blood orange liqueur provided just the right flavors to open this cocktail’s floral qualities.

Holiday Beer Fudge Cooking with Beer by

Beers like Founders Breakfast Stout and Short’s Bellaire Brown Ale enhance these recipes for fudge, a perfect make-ahead dessert that travels easily, shares well and can be quickly placed on a candy dish for impromptu gatherings.

67 Old Fashioned Kindred Spirits by

The idea for the 67 Old Fashioned came while having a beer and a shot after work. A sip of the cocktail is very whiskey forward, but when you exhale you taste the Mosaic hops and the gentle IPA bite from the demerara syrup made with Dallas-based Community Beer Company’s IPA.

The Maiden Search Kindred Spirits by

Poured from a nitro tap, the caramel aroma and bready malts of The Search ESB from Chicago’s Aquanaut Brewing pair well with bourbon, the orange zest and toasted wood notes of Curaçao, and the spice of ginger liqueur in this frothy take on a whiskey sour.

Mai Time Kindred Spirits by

This simple cocktail enhances the unique characteristics of Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company’s Smoked Mai Bock, a bourbon barrel-aged pale lager made with beechwood-smoked barley malt. Think of it as brunch in a glass.

Dinky Kindred Spirits by

The Dinky pairs the classic flavors of a rye whiskey flip with cinnamon and Bam Noire from Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales for a winter twist.

Hard Picard Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by the favorite beverage of Star Trek’s Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, this beer cocktail combines bourbon, St-Germain, lemon-lime juice, orange juice, bitters and Earl Grey tea-infused Pineau des Charentes with a Belgian Wit.

Irish Stout-Inspired Desserts Cooking with Beer by

These three base recipes—Chocolate Irish Stout Cake, Bailey’s Irish Cream Pastry Cream and a Smoked Salted Caramel Sauce with Irish Whiskey—can be used interchangeably to create a multitude of dessert options.

Dublin, Ireland Destinations by

At the time of ’ founding in 1759, Dublin boasted dozens of breweries; but, as far as we know, by 1949, the Stout brewers at St. James’ Gate were the only brewers in town. In the past few decades (but especially the past few years), the Emerald Isle’s beer lovers have witnessed remarkable growth in

Thanksgiving Dessert Reimagined: Barleywine Pumpkin Pie Cooking with Beer by

What would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie? Here, a bourbon pie crust adds complexity, while mixing crème fraîche with an English-style Barleywine adds a touch of sweet and sour to the pumpkin.

Distilling Like a Brewer Feature by

Distilling isn’t a huge leap from brewing. Today, out of the roughly 235 craft distilleries in America, 18 are operated by craft breweries, and that number is expected to rise as these once-mutually exclusive industries slowly recognize just how much they have in common.

Beer Cocktails Feature by

As innovations in craft beer yield new styles and ever-more complex flavor profiles, the most creative mixologists in the country have added beer to their palette, and the results are packed with inimitable flavors and textures.

Beer Ice Cream Cooking with Beer by

Blending beer and ice cream has endless possibilities for making cold, frosty treats, and these four recipes will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday with Creole Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Forty-six days before Easter, New Orleans celebrates Mardi (French for “Tuesday”) Gras (“fat”). Here are three Creole-inspired recipes that are perfect for the occasion.

Moved By An Inch, Or Two Beer Smack by

The brothers pay their respects to the late Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson.