What Have You Done for Beer Lately?

Advocate This by | Mar 2010 | Issue #38

A recent thread in the BeerAdvocate online forums asked: “What have you done to advocate beer lately?” and challenged others to one-up each other and post their recent efforts. Now, we’re guessing most consumers rarely think about this, but many beer geeks can answer that they’ve purchased craft brews and attended events; however, it’s easy to get complacent. We can always do more, especially for our local beer scenes, which often get overlooked in our quests for the latest brews.

Let’s rephrase the question in the return of the “Advocate This!” column. We feel it’s important to create strong local beer scenes in order to develop and sustain the craft beer community. So, what could you do for local beer now?

  • Visit your local brewpub, pull up a seat at the bar and explore their beers. Visit a local brewery, take the tour and have some samples. Take home a growler of beer to share. Not only will the beer be extremely fresh, but you’ll also be tempted to bring the empty back for a refill.
  • Swing by your local store or bar and buy local. Most local beers are cheaper than domestic or foreign imports, and again, they’ll most likely be fresher too. And the more local beer purchased, the more these places will stock them. If they don’t, suggest they do.
  • Many brewpubs, bars and restaurants host beer dinners throughout the year. They’re usually co-hosted by a local brewer and provide a great array of beer and food pairings, plus plenty of beer education. Attend them. Bring friends. Beer dinners are a great way to introduce others to the world of beer by using food as the gateway.
  • Attend reputable beer festivals—ones that don’t take advantage of brewers by expecting free product and charging fees to attend. These fests truly support and foster the local beer scene.
  • Action alerts. Keep an eye out for local and national issues, and get involved by writing your representatives and helping to spread the word. Check out websites like Support Your Local Brewery for more.

And, of course, this all helps the economy, so it’s a win for local craft breweries and small businesses alike.