BeerAdvocate magazine #38

Craft Beer Is Up. Beer Is Down. Beer Smack by

How do we (the craft beer community) get more of the mainstream to drink craft beer?

Beer News News by

Burger King to serve beer at new concept; the fight for world’s strongest beer continues; F.X. Matt Brewing rescues Flying Bison; and British pubs to get new, safer glasses.

Expanding Craft Beer’s Reach Unfiltered by

Amidst the accolades and successes, we in the industry should constantly be on the lookout for new ways to invite beer drinkers to the craft beer party.

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass The Politics of Beer by

The development of the “safer” beer glass is a response to an alleged UK annual total of 87,000 violent incidents involving glass, an undisclosed proportion of which features pubs and pint pots.

Water Works Part Deux BYOB by

We now understand the evils and horrors of water softeners and the dangers of municipal water supplies (chlorine bad!). Now let’s get to work actually using this stuff.

Aaron Morse of Dark Horse Brewing Company Going Pro by

Dark Horse puts its own unmistakable stamp on whatever comes out of its tiny seven-barrel system, whether it’s a brawling IPA, an experimental Belgian brew or an old-school craft classic bearing a new twist.

Kristalweizen: A Reluctant Lawnmower Beer Style Profile by

The good news is that, even without all that cloudy yeast and wheat sediment, crystal-clear Kristall Weiss still offers much of the signature aroma and flavor of a German wheat beer.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BA mag readers discuss solutions to over-hyped, special-release beer events.

Craft Beer, on a Roll Innovation by

HUB’s owner and brewmaster, Christian Ettinger, is a bike enthusiast, so it’s easy to see how the concept of a cargo bike designed to not only haul but dispense kegs was born.

What Have You Done for Beer Lately? Advocate This by

Many beer geeks can answer that they’ve purchased craft brews and attended events; however, it’s easy to get complacent. We can always do more, especially for our local beer scenes, which often get overlooked in our quests for the latest brews.

Beer Ice Cream Cooking with Beer by

Blending beer and ice cream has endless possibilities for making cold, frosty treats, and these four recipes will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Bonaventure Brewing Company From the Source by

Located on the fourth floor of Los Angeles’ largest hotel, Bonaventure Brewing Company has been treating its loyal customers to craft ales for over a decade, while thousands of the city’s inhabitants walk by every day without even knowing it exists.

Farmhouse Sisters, Part Two: A Letter From France Feature by

Geography and history explain why the Farmhouse Ale tradition has stayed alive in Nord-Pas-de-Calais or northern France. Also known as the Bière de Garde region, this area is nestled right against the Belgian border.

Lost Angeles Destinations by

Los Angeles is an absolutely massive place, teeming with a multitude of people. If only a tiny percentage drank good beer, that would still be a staggering number of craft drinkers sprawled out between the mountains and the ocean.

Inspiration Last Call by

Mark Staples of Midnight Sun Brewing Co. reflects on his inspired journey from working computers for the Australian government to running his own brewery in Alaska.