Three Threads

Three Threads by | Aug 2010 | Issue #43

Photo by Jason E. Kaplan

Are you going to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colo., this year? Why or why not?

BrewsB4Shews (Idaho)
Yes, I will be attending my first GABF this year! Some of my best friends are beer lovers, and we now find ourselves spread out around the country. We’re planning a reunion, and GABF is the venue. What better way to reunite with your brothers than over a brew?

We’ve had plans to do this since early this year. Hotels are reserved, flights booked and tickets purchased. Every single one of us has a countdown to GABF marked on our calendars in our respective offices. I don’t think a week goes by without someone sending out an email to the rest of the group giving a “countdown to GABF” update.

It’s going to be a wonderful time, celebrating unbreakable friendships and experiencing the best the beer world has to offer.

neorunner (Virginia)
I’m going to GABF! My dad and I have talked about this trip since I was of age to drink. This is the first father-son trip we have taken in a very long time, and I can’t think of a better venue. We will be hitting up a lot of the side events, touring a few breweries and keeping GABF as the anchor to our trip. We were lucky enough to get Farm to Table tickets for Friday night, and I’m looking forward to the food and rare beer pairings. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to meeting some fellow BAs, sharing a good drink and sharing the adventure with my dad.

slone (New York)
I’m not. I don’t actually enjoy going to festivals, what with the crowds, lines, noise and the like. Nonetheless, I realize that they’re good for the industry. Perhaps I’m being selfish, but I’ll let those who love them go and represent, while I stay home and reap the benefits of the festivals by quietly enjoying a pint or five of the ever-expanding variety of beers available at one of my locals.