BeerAdvocate magazine #43

Big Growth, But Can They Keep Up? Beer Smack by

Can craft brewers cut it quality-wise as America’s palate becomes more discerning and less forgiving, especially in light of rising beer prices?

Beer News News by

Stone’s Ales not cutting the mustard; Georgetown brewing changes brew’s name, logo; crew kidnapped while attempting to film commercial in Mexico; “Orange Girls” arrested for alleged World Cup guerilla marketing stunt.

The Great Zoigl Quest Unfiltered by

While new brewers and beers appear with much splash and fanfare in places such as Scotland, Denmark and Japan, a small group of Bavarian brewers quietly carries on the nearly 600-year-old brewing tradition of zoiglbier.

On Falling Off The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb reflects on his beer-cycle journey that was abruptly cut short.

Running the Homebrew Rally BYOB by

The lucky winner of Stone’s March Madness Homebrew Competition and AHA Rally gets moved out of the dinky kitchen and into Stone’s gleaming steel system of steamy goodness. Topping it off, the brew becomes Stone’s official GABF ProAm entry.

Dave Fleming Going Pro by

Dave Fleming, head brewer at Portland’s New Old Lompoc Brewery, commands respect in a town full of respected brewers. He does it by combining an openness to new flavors with a simple, straightforward brewing ethos.

American Pale Wheat: It’s All in the Yeast Style Profile by

Deservedly or not, American wheat ale is the whipping boy for Bavarian Hefeweizen … but it turns out, that’s not such a bad thing.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Are you going to the Great American Beer Festival?

Save the Ales (and Lagers)! Innovation by

The Beer Saver is a durable, stretchy, molded beer bottle cap that fits snugly over your opened beer bottles like a protective seal, keeping the bad air out and saving all the bubbly goodness for another day.

5 Tips to Review Beer Respectfully Advocate This by

To ensure you critique brews with respect, try following these guidelines.

Late Summer Bounty: 3 Fruity Desserts with Beer Cooking with Beer by

Summer markets are full of wonderful ripe fruits that are perfect for fresh, seasonal desserts, making this season the perfect opportunity to think about which styles of beers will enhance what Mother Nature has created.

Amnesia Brewing From the Source by

Since King opened the doors to Amnesia with his wife, Kristina, in 2004, the 1,700-barrel-per-year facility, located in an old ornamental iron shop, has been treating Portland beer lovers to King’s unique vision and approach to beer.

Weyermann Maltings: German Roots, Global Reach Feature by

What started as “a tiny shop under a tarp lean-to in downtown Bamberg,” is now the world’s largest organic malt producer, supplying more than 80 different types of malts to clients in 115 countries—and they’re still evolving.

Charleston Destinations by

Until a few years ago, South Carolina’s beer culture was hamstrung by arcane and capricious caps on beermaking, alcohol content and distribution. In a few years, the city has become a true world-class beer destination.

Buy American Last Call by

Rhonda Kallman of New Century Brewing Company admires American brewing ingenuity and advises us all to buy American.