Three Threads

Three Threads by | Sep 2010 | Issue #44

Do you think seasonal beer releases are being released too early?

Wetpaperbag (Washington)
I think some breweries are releasing some of their seasonal beers early. I’m sure that some of it comes down to marketing and shelf space. If you can get your seasonal on the shelf before another competing brewery, then you will possibly have fewer weeks of beer sales without the competition of another brewery’s similar style. I feel this is the reason many, not all, release their seasonal beers earlier each year.

pitweasel (New York)
“Beer seasons” are a joke. They’re invented. With the possible exception of Oktoberfest releases—for historical reasons—why shouldn’t a given beer be released whenever the brewer wants to put it out? Think about it this way: IPAs are often described as good beers for hot summer days. So if beer seasons are so important, should every IPA be pulled from shelves to make room for Nut Browns and Imperial Stouts as soon as it gets chilly outside? The more beer, the merrier. Whenever it’s ready, I’m ready.

KerriL (Pennsylvannia)
Yes. I was very disappointed to find that Sam Adam’s Summer Ale wasn’t available in my local bar as of mid-August—it had already been replaced with Oktoberfest. I understand that all beers need to be brewed ahead of the time they’re being planned for release—but it’s premature to put out a beer 1–2 months early. It’s a trend in consumerism to push the next season, it seems, with a consequence that we’re perennially rushing through the year without paying proper attention to the current moment … stop it!!