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Seasonal Change and Shifting Preferences: Breweries Look for New Ways to Keep Portfolios Fresh The Business of Beer by

Is the “seasonal beer” still relevant in a marketplace where a record number of new brands and styles are available to consumers year-round?

Muskoka Brewery’s Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout Label Personifies Winter in Ontario Label Approval by

The character on Muskoka Brewery’s Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout label has taken on a life of its own, inspiring look-alike and beard-growing contests at the Ontario brewery.

Three Boys Brewery: A Kiwi Twist on Tradition From the Source by

Three Boys Brewery produces a lineup described as “tradition with a Kiwi twist,” modifying classic recipes to meld with New Zealand tastes and locally available ingredients.

Growing Local: Neighborhood Hop Farms Provide Brewers with Terroir Behind the Bines by

As hop farm acreage swells beyond the Pacific Northwest, more breweries showcase local hops in seasonal beers.

Beer for All Seasons: A Through-the-Year Guide to What to Drink and When to Drink It Shelf Talker by

In Beer for All Seasons, Randy Mosher reminds us that March isn’t the only month connected to the cyclical rhythm of beer throughout the year.

Winter Beer and Summer Beer History by the Glass by

No, Sommerbier and Winterbier are not seasonal specials. At least not in the sense you’re thinking. They’re two of the earliest lager styles, now almost completely forgotten, though traces of them remain.

Unseasonal Releases Beer Smack by

Every season, we see fall beers on the shelves in June and winter ales in September. It sounds ridiculous, and kind of is, but there’s reason behind the madness.

Hosting a Craft Beer Boil Party-Gyle by

Whether it’s a Fourth of July party or just a regular summer bash, it’s a great time to crack into seafood and beers. Summer beers pair perfectly with seafood, and fresh seasonal produce like corn and watermelon.

All Hallows’ Beer Party-Gyle by

Whether you love or hate Halloween, you’re doubtless going to be asked to participate in some way. Anyone can find something to like about the holiday, no matter how opposed you may think you are. Here’s a party formula that no one can resist: fun, scary movies and very good beer.

The Death of the Flagship Unfiltered by

Supplanted by seasonal brands, endangered by the race for the holy one-off grail, and lost in the hunt for more hops, these respected and balanced brands look increasingly out of place in the wider world of craft beer.

Trying to Reason with Brewing Season Innovation by

Many brewers put a lot into a beer that misses the mark because the temperatures changed during fermentation or it wasn’t given enough time to ferment and age. To prevent the heartbreak of releasing a beer before its time or too late, Christian Lavender created The Home Brewing Calendar.

The Great Pumpkin Party Party-Gyle by

Here’s a solution for the skeptical fall pumpkin beer party-pooper. Host a soirée with a handful of craft pumpkin brews. Cook up a variety of dishes that focus on just that winter squash, and have some other fun, seasonal activities to pair it all with.

Beer News News by

Will Straub’s returnable bottles get canned?; Independent Brewers United acquired by North American Breweries; no Christmas this year for Goose Island; and Sierra Nevada teaming up with Trappist monks.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Are seasonal beers being released too early?

Three Threads Three Threads by

As craft brewers move beyond their core portfolios and venture into seasonals, special releases, large formats, private labels, cans and distribution beyond their local areas, is it possible to have too many beer options?

Drinking Imperial Stout in Summer Unfiltered by

In the absence of technological obstacles, such as sufficient cooling resources, it’s more than a touch peculiar that we can’t enjoy year-round examples of many classic beer styles, some of which are lager beers.

What Would Fritz Do? Unfiltered by

For craft brewers tempted to focus their attention on high-priced, limited-edition beers that appeal to a tiny fraction of beer lovers, it’s telling that the original craft brewer, Anchor Brewing, has not embraced the high-alcohol and hop-bomb craze.

Pumpkin Ale: America’s Oktoberfestbier Style Profile by

A look at the origins and resurgence of Pumpkin Ale, as the spiced seasonal beer returns to shelves once again.

Winter Warmer: Spice It Up, Spice It Down Style Profile by

Spiced holiday brews have a long, flavorful history. Rather than a perversion, Spiced Ale is the original beer.

Pumpkin Beer: An Absolutely Smashing Seasonal BYOB by

Just as leaves fall from trees every autumn, beer enthusiasts drop everything for pumpkin ales. To celebrate the cornucopia of harvest, we’ll look at how to brew typical and atypical examples of the style.

Here Comes Samichlaus: The Original Extreme Beer Feature by

Samichlaus, widely regarded as the world’s strongest lager at 14 percent ABV, may very well be the original Extreme Beer.