Cheese & Beer

Shelf Talker by | Mar 2013 | Issue #74

Cheese & Beer
By Janet Fletcher
Andrews McMeel Publishing, April 2013, $24.99

These days, the sheer number of cheeses on your local Whole Foods shelf is more than the average consumer knows what to do with. Enter Janet Fletcher, who, in this book, explains why we love the cheeses we do—from texture and intensity, to acidity and aroma—and how to use craft beer to enhance that pleasure. Fletcher explains the science of contrasting and complementary pairings; contrasting, as in “a luxurious triple-cream cheese with a highly effervescent Pilsner,” and complementary: a malty Porter with a nutty Comté. She offers four basic pairing guidelines before profiling the beer styles we all know and love, along with some cheeses we’ve never even heard of. A trip to Whole Foods will never be the same again. 

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