BeerAdvocate magazine #74

Beer Glassware: Friend or Foe? Beer Smack by

We’ve noticed that glassware for beer often becomes more important than the beer itself. This form of snobbery is arguably bad for beer as a whole, making it less approachable for some and removing the focus from the beer.

Beer News News by

Massachusetts distribution laws reconsidered; Breckenridge Brewery selects Littleton, Colo., AB-InBev modifies Grupo Modelo deal to appease US Department of Justice; Alaskan using spent grain as fuel source; and Pennsylvania governor outlines plans to privatize state’s liquor control board.

Cheese & Beer Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Cheese & Beer.

Five and Dime Kindred Spirits by

Make a root beer float with Root liqueur, a touch of maple syrup for earthy sweetness, egg white for creamy texture, and a dark beer to add carbonation.

Only You Can Prevent Homeless Kegs Innovation by

Missing cooperage is no laughing matter. According to the Brewers Association, each lost keg costs brewers between $0.46 and $1.37 per barrel of annual keg production.

Modern Times Beer Label Approval by

Christian Helms and Jakob McKean started with 14 different concepts for the can design, inspired by vintage packaging McKean had collected. Then they brought in typographer Simon Walker to create the logotype. What they ended up with was simple, yet striking.

World’s First Brewery Incubator Opens in Houston The Business of Beer by

Lucrece Borrego started The Kitchen Incubator intending to help aspiring foodmakers find the missing pieces required to start businesses. Then she and her boyfriend/business partner, Jesus Acosta, got into homebrewing, and the Brewery Incubator seemed like a natural next step.

Craft Beer Hospitality 2.0 Unfiltered by

Breweries are starting to realize that it’s time to rethink the standard tour they’ve been offering unchanged for years. As breweries remain in a near constant state of expansion, designers are starting to integrate expanded taprooms, beer gardens and community meeting spaces.

Imperial Mild History by the Glass by

What’s slightly surprising to see in old British newspapers is that the strongest Mild is called “Imperial.” Especially as I’ve been calling XXXX Ale “Imperial Mild” for a while now. I thought I was just making it up. Once again, history has proved that there’s almost nothing genuinely new.

The Victory Lap BYOB by

This month, we track an entry from a BeerAdvocate member through the 2013 Doug King Memorial Competition. In the middle of my panel appeared Ward’s Vanilla Chai Strong Milk Stout. It was rich, sweet and chocolaty with enough spice to balance a lactose-enhanced body.

Beyond Corned Beef & Cabbage Cooking with Beer by

The food of Ireland is of simple origins. Most dishes are made with very fresh vegetables and meats, seasoned with salt and pepper. The recipes in this article pay homage to the Old World recipes of the Republic of Ireland, but with a modern twist.

St. Patrick’s Pah-ty Party-Gyle by

Remember the feeling in grade school that you weren’t really allowed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you weren’t Irish? Now that you’ve grown, you can absolutely get down with the true spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and you don’t even have to wear green. It’s a holiday devoted to drinking, as we all know now.

Thirsty Monk in Asheville, North Carolina Barkeep by

Since opening in early 2008, Thirsty Monk has become more than just a world-class Belgian bar, adding a second floor for American craft selections, and a second location in South Asheville with a nanobrewery. They’re also working on expanding their brewery space and adding a third-floor rooftop deck.

Linus Hall of Yazoo Brewing Company Going Pro by

Linus Hall began brewing beer in college because he wanted to cut down on long-distance beer runs. He got hooked once he discovered that he could make beer that was as good, or better, than the stuff he’d been buying. Hall, a former engineer, founded Nashville’s Yazoo Brewing Company a decade ago.

Market Garden Brewery From the Source by

Before Prohibition, Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood was the heart of the brewing district, and it is emerging as a must-visit for beer drinkers once again. A driving force behind that revival is Market Garden Brewery & Distillery, which was opened in 2011.

Where to Drink in Vienna, Austria Destinations by

Austrian taste buds tend to stick to the classics, such as the light lager (Helles), dark lager (Dunkles) and the Märzen, known elsewhere as Oktoberfest beer. Yet diversity is dawning on the Alpine horizon. Rye beers, American Pale Ales and IPAs, Porters, and Stouts are slowly nudging their way into the market.

Brewing in Thin Air: What Alpine Breweries Are Doing at High Altitude Feature by

Most of Colorado’s breweries are more than 5,000 feet above sea level. But professional brewers at altitude are downright scientific with their methods. And the first thing they point to is the temperature at which they boil.

Designer Drafts: Keeping Tabs on Tap Technology Feature by

Taphouses with 20 lines or more are becoming the new standard—and what goes on behind the scenes is anything but simple.

Eric Ottaway, General Manager and Co-owner of Brooklyn Brewery Last Call by

The four owners of Brooklyn Brewery, the 11th-largest craft brewery in the country, are taking their operation overseas to Sweden, where they plan to open a waterfront bar and brewery with a 250-person capacity by 2014.