Keeping Tabs on Your Taps

Innovation by | Jun 2014 | Issue #89

As anybody with a kegerator knows, the impromptu parties always happen where the beers are. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your taps; nothing clears a party out like the sound of a blown keg. And Kegbot’s got your back. It’s a software and hardware one-two punch that keeps track of how much beer has been poured out of a keg, so you know when you need to find a replacement. It can also do a whole lot more.

Working with an Android tablet (sorry, nothing for iPad users yet), the Kegbot includes a flow meter that measures, within 1- to 2-percent accuracy, the amount of beer poured from a keg. With the “drinker accounts” feature, you can track how much your friends have consumed, the styles they pour most often, and the amount of time between pours.

Open-source technology has allowed Kegbot to grow as more people use it. Now, it can take photos while you pour, and can be set up to notify you when a keg is low or when someone is pouring from the kegerator when you’re not there. You can make the information as private or public as you like, limiting individual drinking details or hooking Kegbot up with Twitter, Foursquare and Untapped to share who’s there and what they’re drinking. It’s expandable, too, which means you can keep an eye on each keg if you have multiple taps.

You can purchase a Kegbot setup for $129—a small price to pay for something that promises to not only let you know when you’re running low, but also who among your friends has been hitting your kegerator the hardest and needs to pitch in for the next keg.