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Have We Been Here Before? Unfiltered by

Although globalization eases many of international travel’s challenges, it could threaten the brewing cultures and traditions that we seek to experience.

Super Shoppers: Why Beer Buyers Are the Brewing Industry’s New Celebrity Gatekeepers Feature by

The art of choosing which beer to sell has become a highly competitive, data-driven process, and the tastemaking “beer buyers” with the job are often regarded as celebrity gatekeepers who can make or break upstart breweries.

Craft Obsession: The Social Rhetorics of Beer Shelf Talker by

In this book, author Jeff Rice parses the language and networks we use every day (like social media) to help explain how those systems impact the industry.

2017 Beer Resolutions Beer Smack by

It’s a fact: 2016 sucked for too many reasons, so let’s make 2017 an awesome year; at least beer-wise. Here are our tips to help achieve that goal.

Beer by Robot: London Company Brews Using AI News by

IntelligentX, a British brewing firm founded by Hew Leith and Dr. Rob McInerney, is using artificial intelligence to develop its beer recipes in response to user feedback.

Sean Lynch, Founder, Clean Beer Project Last Call by

Sean Lynch launched the Clean Beer Project, which travels to bars in New York City, scrubs down beer lines, and lets patrons know via Twitter that their favorite bar is now squeaky clean.

Skipping the Store: Will Beer Delivery Services Change Consumer Behavior? Feature by

With the rise of mobile commerce, beer-delivery services are shaking up the status quo, from customized 24-packs to freshly filled growlers direct from local breweries.

Do You Even Drainpour, Bro? Beer Smack by

If you don’t like a beer, don’t drink it. Life is too short and good beer is too plentiful. But do you really need to brag about your drainpour like a cretin?

Drinking Games: Have Social Media and Apps like Untapped Changed the Way We Consume Beer? Feature by

If you drink a beer, and your friends aren’t instantly notified about it, did it really happen? How is technology changing the beer drinking experience for so many enthusiasts, and why are they frantically sharing their experiences anyway?

Full Disclosure Unfiltered by

As craft brewing matures, the quality of the reportage on all things beer should rise to match it. Quality writers are a crucial component in helping craft brewing grow in stature and seriousness in the public’s eye.

“There’s more to beer than beer.” Beer Smack by

Brewers need to pay more attention to reviews and the long-term quality of their beers as they flow through the marketplace—the two are unarguably connected.

All the News That’s Fit to Tweet Unfiltered by

While the internet has given beer lovers access to information and communication avenues that we could never have imagined decades ago, the value of many social media options to breweries is harder to gauge.

The Gamification of Beer Beer Smack by

It’s Friday night. You order a beer at a bar, use an app to tick it on your list, snap a pic, broadcast it on social media, and then refresh to see how many people liked it. What happened to just ordering a beer and enjoying it with the people around you?

Maintaining a Buzz: Craft Breweries Look to Social Media and PR Agencies to Spread the Word Feature by

As craft beer continues to gobble up Big Beer’s market share, small breweries are increasingly grappling with the question of whether to handle communications in-house or farm it out to an outside PR agency.

Keeping Tabs on Your Taps Innovation by

As anybody with a kegerator knows, the impromptu parties always happen where the beers are. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your taps. Kegbot is a software and hardware one-two punch that keeps track of how much beer has been poured out of a keg, so you know when to replace it.

CapSnap Innovation by

CapSnap is a free smartphone app that helps beer drinkers keep tabs on the beers they drink with personal ratings and other details via a collection of bottle caps created by the user for each beer. It’s a lot like Pinterest for beer lovers.

Come Out From Behind Your Firewalls Unfiltered by

To be of value, constructive criticism must be offered in an identifiable manner, whether in person or online, not through protected and anonymous channels. It must be offered thoughtfully and sympathetically, in the spirit of a joint effort toward an improved experience.

Facebook Foul Beer Smack by

A business’ website should be the hub for all info. Social media should drive traffic to that hub, not be the hub. It should be an easy task for consumers to find information, not an unpaid part-time job.

@Breweryrep Retweeted One of Your Tweets! Feature by

As the relationship between breweries, brewers guilds, beer publications and beer bloggers gets cozier, hard lines are becoming more difficult to define.

Join the Discussion! Beer Smack by

We’ve heard from both consumers and brewers alike: “I don’t get involved in discussion because of all of the negativity.” And we think that sucks.

Social Lubricant, Social Media: Good Beer and the Internet Feature by

The internet and social media have changed the way we connect with those who sell us the beer we love. Now we can actually communicate directly with them and tell them what we do and don’t like about what’s going on with their beer.

The Changing Face of Homebrewing BYOB by

What does the rise of the “millennial” generation mean for the hobby?

How to Lose Friends and Alienate the Industry Feature by

The complaints and expectations about beer are reaching whole new levels. And the snobbery and superiority factors among craft beer lovers over macro drinkers are becoming shameful and embarrassing.

Will Twitter for Beer Innovation by

Taplister is a website, a phone app and a Twitter tool that alerts followers when beers are freshly tapped at a growing number of participating pubs.