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Beer on Wheels: A Keg-Hauling Pedicab Innovation by

What arrives on three wheels, keeps your kegs cold, and pours fresh beer out of two taps on its side? The Coaster Beer Trike.

Hank the Beer Tank Innovation by

The first portable, electric kegerator on the market, this patent-pending invention holds 1/6 of a barrel or a 5 gallon homebrew keg of your favorite beer or other beverage, keeps it cold without the inevitable melting ice and dispenses it with a carbon dioxide cartridge.

Beer News News by

New California law combats keg theft; GABF beer brewed entirely with N.C. ingredients; Hill Farmstead expansion to double production capacity; and Maui Brewing joins in-flight beers from craft breweries.

Keeping Tabs on Your Taps Innovation by

As anybody with a kegerator knows, the impromptu parties always happen where the beers are. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your taps. Kegbot is a software and hardware one-two punch that keeps track of how much beer has been poured out of a keg, so you know when to replace it.

Keeping Brewing Safe Feature by

Brewing accidents are not a thing of the past. Most brewers know of someone who has been injured on the job or have plenty of harrowing stories about close calls.

Designer Drafts: Keeping Tabs on Tap Technology Feature by

Taphouses with 20 lines or more are becoming the new standard—and what goes on behind the scenes is anything but simple.

Only You Can Prevent Homeless Kegs Innovation by

Missing cooperage is no laughing matter. According to the Brewers Association, each lost keg costs brewers between $0.46 and $1.37 per barrel of annual keg production.

Beer News News by

New York’s brewers & wholesalers scrambled by Hurricane Sandy; brewers increasingly skeptic about plastic kegs; North American Breweries sold to Cervecería Costa Rica; Minneapolis brewers embattled in trademark dispute; and C&C Group purchases Vermont Hard Cider for $305 Million.

Keg Clips Keep it Together Innovation by

Keg Clips are simple pieces of plastic that join kegs together to create a sturdier, more stable pallet for storage and shipping; seven of them can secure one pallet of half-barrel kegs.

Beer News News by

Post office may permit mailing of beer and wine; Alchemy & Science preparing to conduct craft beer chemistry; Dave Farnworth passes away; Michigan now tagging kegs with bar codes; and November elections bring changes to alcohol laws in Georgia and Washington.

From the Brewery to You Feature by

Over the years, brewers have come up with four basic types of packaging—casks, bottles, kegs and cans. Each type of package protects beer in different ways, and can cause the beer to taste quite different.

Craft Beer, on a Roll Innovation by

HUB’s owner and brewmaster, Christian Ettinger, is a bike enthusiast, so it’s easy to see how the concept of a cargo bike designed to not only haul but dispense kegs was born.

Casks & Kegs Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek clears up the differences between cask conditioned and kegged beer.

Beer News News by

Preakness Stakes keeps ban; Odell Brewing unveils “Twitter Brew;” real-time keg tracking; and possible new alcohol taxes.

Beer News News by

Dave’s beer turning green; Utah man can restore landmark beer billboard; resale of stolen kegs outlawed in N.D.; and Brewery Ommegang’s commemorative ale stripped of its presidential title.

Keg-Worn Sidewalk Gets Tired Out Innovation by

Rubber sidewalks put old tires to good use and help prevent keg-based corrosion.

Special Ordering Kegs of Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek suggests ways to find that special keg of craft beer.

Serving Temperature, Homebrew Kegging and Gout Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek tackles optimal serving temperature, homebrew kegging and gout.

Shotgunator and Headmaster Beer Pump Wares by

A bottle opener offers shotgunners a false sense of safety and an electric tap improves on hand-pumped keg beer.