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Karl Spiesman, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Brick and Barrel Brewing Going Pro by

At Brick and Barrel, the Cleveland neighborhood taproom that launched in 2014, Karl Spiesman applies his wine-making background to classically inspired European ales executed with a creative American sensibility.

Fat Head’s Brewery: Focused on Quality in Ohio From the Source by

What sets Ohio-based brewery Fat Head’s apart from its peers is its winning streak at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. Since the original brewery opened, it has collected 25 medals between the two competitions across a wide range of styles.

Market Garden Brewery From the Source by

Before Prohibition, Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood was the heart of the brewing district, and it is emerging as a must-visit for beer drinkers once again. A driving force behind that revival is Market Garden Brewery & Distillery, which was opened in 2011.

Indigo Imp Brewery From the Source by

Regardless of whether it’s a one-off brew or one of Indigo Imp’s signature beers, it will have Matt and Kathy’s mark all over it. It can’t be helped, as everything from stirring the mash to filling the bottles is done by their hands.

Cleveland Destinations by

In this city, there’s stunning prewar architecture downtown, boulevards of old-money mansions and reclaimed industrial warehouses. And for two decades now, it’s been ground zero in the fight against fizzy macro swill.

Quit Your Wining: How The Brewmaster’s Table Got Great Restaurants to Start Selling Great Beer Feature by

Why is beer suddenly grabbing the attention of chefs and bar managers at the hoitiest and toitiest places in the nation, after being relegated to second-class status for so long? There are a lot of intangible reasons, but there’s a more tangible one as well: Garrett Oliver’s The Brewmaster’s Table.