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In Defense of Public Drinking Unfiltered by

Instead of embracing the beauty of public and outdoor drinking, Americans have largely relegated alcohol consumption to bars, implicitly marking them as dark dens of adult iniquity. Fortunately, small breweries are pushing for change.

Heavy Medal: A Brief History of the Great American Beer Fest Awards By The Numbers by

The history of the Great American Beer Festival is the history of craft brewing magnified. It started in 1982 as a one-night event, held during the fourth annual National Homebrew and Microbrewery Conference.

A New World Order for Craft Unfiltered by

With dozens of breweries now producing more than 100,000 barrels per year and employing dozens if not hundreds of employees, we’re on the precipice of a new era of competitiveness.

Gearing up for the Beer Superbowl BYOB by

Even now, in the dregs of winter, it’s time to gear up to compete. April marks the start of homebrewing’s championship run—the AHA National Homebrew Competition.

Brew Your Own Beer! Feature by

Online resources to help you homebrew, required reading for proper beer research, and tips to get your brew from the kitchen to the winner’s circle.

Is Faux-Craft a Foe? Unfiltered by

In response to the American palate’s sweeping shift away from fizzy, lifeless beers, many corporate breweries have hastily embraced faux-craft brands.