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Rabbit Sausage: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

At The Mighty in Miami, co-owner Ryan Brooks pairs a housemade rabbit sausage with three beers that aren’t overly hoppy.

Grand Teton Brewing Company: Idaho Brews with Mountain Views From the Source by

Located right at the base of Teton Pass, a popular backcountry skiing spot, Grand Teton Brewing Company has cultivated both a strong après-ski culture and a philanthropic culture in its 28-year legacy.

Viking-Style Chicken Stew with Beer Cooking with Beer by

Doppelbock or Smoked Porter add flavor to Viking-inspired winter dishes like a hearty stew with chicken, root vegetables, and mushrooms.

Winter Beer Soups Cooking with Beer by

The liquid that makes up the base of any soup comes from water or stock. Adding the right beer can enhance a soup’s flavor profile while the alcohol works to infuse the flavors across the palate.

Cooking with Beer in the Austrian Kitchen Cooking with Beer by

Rustic cuisine that has been around for centuries, these Austrian dishes are rich in heritage, and have a soul-satisfying taste that evokes great-grandmother’s kitchen. These interpretations of Old World recipes will warm the house, take off any chill, and pair perfectly with a variety of beers.

Linzer Torte: 4 Variations Made with Bock Cooking with Beer by

Four variations of the traditional Austrian dessert, the Linzer Torte, incorporate an Eisbock, a Doppelbock, a Weizenbock and a Bock with fruits like apricots, cherries, figs, and prunes.

Smoked Doppelbock and Cinco de Mayo Steet Fair Food Cooking with Beer by

Mexican-style Stewed Chicken is one of those recipes that’s versatile and easy to make, and will totally change how a dish tastes. Adapt it for virtually any Mexican dish, such as a pambazo, quesadilla, or sope.

Salvator History by the Glass by

Nowadays, it’s the brand name of Paulaner’s Doppelbock … but once, “Salvator” was the name of a style, brewed across Bavaria and beyond.

Doppelbock of Resolution: Turn Over a New Brewing Leaf BYOB by

Break the cycle of your bad habits and climb out of your homebrewing rut with these Brew Year’s Resolutions.

Here Comes Samichlaus: The Original Extreme Beer Feature by

Samichlaus, widely regarded as the world’s strongest lager at 14 percent ABV, may very well be the original Extreme Beer.