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How Belgium’s Beers Inspire 3 American Brewers Three Threads by

Without Belgian beer and its influence, many brewers wouldn’t have been inspired to brew the so-called farmhouse, funky, sour, and strong beers that we enjoy today.

Where to Drink in Fort Collins, Colorado Destinations by

Fort Collins, Colo., is more than just a Front Range college town—it’s also often referred to as the “Napa Valley of Beer.” And this city of just over 150,000 is part of the “Denver Beer Triangle.”

Gordon Schuck of Funkwerks Going Pro by

Gordon Schuck didn’t plan on jumping from brewing at home to running his own production facility. But when Schuck, a decorated homebrewer, got out of the Siebel Institute and returned to his native Colorado in 2009, he opened up Funkwerks with Siebel classmate Brad Lincoln, and brought Belgian farmhouse traditions to the high plains.

Beer News News by

Genesee beer sign illuminates community once more; Funkwerks brew stirs ire of indigenous New Zealanders; Massachusetts ABCC withdraws troublesome farmer-brewer decision; and lager’s missing link discovered in Patagonia.