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“Buy Low” in Beer Stock Exchange Innovation by

While the real stock market might be a buzzkill, these two concept bars are not just serving up good prices in a down economy, they are letting customers forget their real investment woes and feel once again like they are riding high.

German Pils: Beautifully Bitter Style Profile by

The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has emerged as a hotbed of craft-brewed Pilsners. Specifically, the crisp and bitter northern German-style Pils.

Fresh ALT-ernatives: Düsseldorf’s Sessionable Specialty Feature by

While lagers and German Pilsners reign supreme in most areas of the country, Altbier accounts for almost half the beer consumed in Düsseldorf, and local Altbier breweries and quaint brewpubs churn out surprising volumes of the antique style.

Eisbock: Don’t Freeze This at Home Style Profile by

Do not confuse Eisbock with North American ice beer. The latter is an abomination, in which, after freezing, the lifeless lager is weakened with the addition of water. Eisbock, by contrast, is a marvel of science.

Ein Bier Bitte? Last Call by

Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty Brewing shares his love for the Bamberg beer scene.

Bamberg, Germany Destinations by

With 10 breweries and brewpubs serving just 70,000 residents, Bamberg boasts one of the world’s highest levels of per capita beer production.

Munich Helles: You’ll Know It When You Taste It Style Profile by

Munich Helles, at first glance, is almost identical to Pilsner. Clear and blond, they both sparkle with carbonation that rises to a creamy, white collar of foam. On a hot and muggy day, you just want to dive in and soak it up.

Beer News News by

Brooklyn Brewery celebrates a big game win; German beer sales stumble; Costco offers “handcrafted” contract beers; Ruby Tuesday offers craft brews; and Diageo flirts with beer.

The Reinheitsgebot’s Relevance Unfiltered by

Born as a cross between a taxation law and a means for protecting bakers’ ingredients, the Reinheitsgebot has long been a dominating influence on the German beer scene.

Lager Heads at Loggerheads Unfiltered by

In America, India Pale Ales, Weizens and stouts are ubiquitous; bocks, Dortmunders and Marzens are not.

Munich! Destinations by

The ancient city, whose breweries were once manned by an army of monks, is now the site of the beer world’s greatest pilgrimage: Oktoberfest.