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Beer and Camping Cooking with Beer by

Canned beer is more flexible for outdoor activities where bottles have never been a good idea due to their weight and the danger of broken glass. So here are several recipes, all using canned beer, which are perfect for that long weekend trip to your favorite camping spot.

Improving the Greek Gyro with Beer Cooking with Beer by

IPA adds a touch of bitterness and accentuates the gyro meat’s herb mix, while a Brown Ale increases the melanoidin malt complexity. A Stout gives the lamb flavor more depth.

A Mermorial Day to Remember Party-Gyle by

On Memorial Day, we honor the brave soldiers who have died serving in the US military. But the holiday has also come to mark the start of a new season, which we might boil down to the three S’s: sun, seersucker and Saison.

Fire Up Your Fourth of July with a Semi-Patriotic Party Party-Gyle by

Fireworks, flags, barbecue and beer. If there’s one time to party, it’s the Fourth of July. Show off a little patriotic spirit by focusing on all-American craft ales, celebrating the country’s colorful brewing heritage. Red Ales, blueberry beers, and Wits, perhaps?

Improving the Sandwich with Beer Cooking with Beer by

These three beer-infused sandwich variations include a pair of regional specialties known to hungry travelers as well as a popular (and easy to make) classic.

Brats Gone Wild: Oktoberfest Sausage 2 Ways Cooking with Beer by

Bratwurst is a beautiful thing when prepared correctly. It’s the perfect one-handed meal: a good, chewy roll coated with mustard, filled with a meaty yet juicy sausage, and topped with beer-braised sweet onions and peppers.

A Taste of the Islands: Hawaiian-Style Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

The Polynesian-, Chinese- and Japanese-fusion cuisine that has evolved over time on the islands of Hawaii can easily become a feast for one or many, creating a mini tropical vacation at home.

Grilliant: Summer Burgers that Nod to Belgium Cooking with Beer by

This burger is inspired by the Trappist monks of Belgium—who are very choosy when it comes to their grain, hops, and yeast.