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Cannabis-Infused Beers on the Rise News by

A string of brews incorporating cannabis have been released by producers in cannabis-friendly states like Vermont and Oregon.

Federal TTB Rules “Traditional” Ingredients and Processes No Longer Need Approval News by

After years of petitions from the Brewers Association and brewing professionals, the TTB has revised its stance on certain ingredients that previously required formula approval.

Labor of Love: Pay, Benefits, and Safety in the Fast-Growing Brewing Industry Feature by

For craft brewery employees, passion often comes at a cost, as the industry strives to create competitive jobs. Enthusiastic homebrewers and beer connoisseurs trade pay, benefits, and comfort on the job for the chance to work in a fast-growing industry.

Beer News News by

Long Trail lends a hand to citizens in need; brewers throughout the Northeastern US cope with floods; can extra bubbles give Foster’s a lift?; Yuengling expands distribution to the Buckeye State; and the world’s strongest fermented beer, fresh from a deer.

Beer News News by

Sapporo releases beer made with space barley; Vermont’s Long Trail to acquire Otter Creek; BrewDog unveils world’s strongest beer; and be brewmaster for a day at Frankenmuth.

Vermont! Destinations by

Fuel Vermont’s famed hiking, golfing, boating and fishing activities with these local beer offerings.