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Full Moon Flip for Two, a Beer Cocktail with Chicory, Chili, and Imperial Stout Kindred Spirits by

The bittersweet spice of chicory combines with the kick of chili, a ginger- and vanilla-infused bourbon, and an Imperial Stout by COAST Brewing Co. to create a flip with a warming spice and substantial body.

B/A/Y/S Russian Imperial Stout by Adroit Theory Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Adroit Theory’s aesthetic leans dark—think a little bit of goth, a little bit of motorcycle club and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll. You can see it in the label of its first beer, B/A/Y/S.

Russian Imperial Stout: The Grandest of All Beer Styles? Style Profile by

Catherine the Great had a passion for the brownest, strongest Porter from London’s great Anchor brewery. It was this ale that would eventually evolve into possibly the grandest of all beer styles.

Tasty Beer Treats for the Holidays Cooking with Beer by

Taste the nuances of the latest holiday beers by cooking tasty treats with your favorite seasonal brews.