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Omar Ansari, Founder, Surly Brewing Co. Last Call by

With help from the its fan base, the “Surly Nation,” new Minnesota laws allow Surly Brewing Company to sell beer at its own location. Now, plans are in the works for a $20 million, 6 acre destination brewpub.

Todd Haug of Surly Brewing Company Going Pro by

In less than a year and a half of brewing, Surly Brewing Company, a tiny Brooklyn Center, MN brewery, has already put the industry’s big boys on notice.

Nice Cans! How the Aluminum Can Is Making a Triumphant Return to Respectable Society Feature by

Ordering a can of beer has always been trouble. Call for one and you run the risk of being identified as an unsophisticated ignoramus and subjected to ridicule at the hands of even the most open-minded beer geeks.