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A Flavorful History, Served by the Glass: The Enduring Appeal of Mole Beer Feature by

Inspired by the traditional south central Mexican sauce, which can contain up to 20 different ingredients, brewers across the country are putting their own unique spins on mole-inspired beers—and the public can’t get enough.

Merry Monks by Weyerbacher Label Approval by

The new Merry Monks label is part of a major overhaul of Weyerbacher’s branding and the scene captures the mischief that in part defines Weyerbacher as a brand.

How I Became a Hop Farmer: If You Can’t Buy It, Grow It Feature by

Dan Weirback of the Weyerbacher Brewing Company addresses the hop shortage by growing his own.

Dan Weirback of Weyerbacher Brewing Company Going Pro by

In a dozen-odd years of professional brewing, Weyerbacher Brewing Company’s Dan Weirback has traded restrained English-style Ales for big, brawling Belgians, bourbon barrels, and imperialized… well, whatever he can make an Imperial, he will.

Nine Great Beer Towns You Didn’t Know Were Great Beer Towns Feature by

Go beyond the mega-breweries and discover some lower-key destinations where beer is part and parcel of the local culture.