Carlsberg Sverige AB


Bryggerivägen 10
Stockholm, 161 86

+46 8 7577000 | map

Notes: In 2001, the largest Swedish brewery, Pripps and the second largest, Falcon, were merged with the Swedish part of Carlsberg. The result were Carlsberg Sverige with a market share of round 23%.
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Arboga 7,3%European Strong Lager7.3012.75-
Backyard Brew Bomble Bee 17American Lager4.70252.96-
Backyard Brew Handlarens PilsnerBohemian Pilsener4.7013.61-
Backyard Brew High WheelerLow Alcohol Beer0.5000-
Backyard Brew Lawn MowerAmerican Amber / Red Lager4.80172.71-
Backyard Brew Queen Of HopsAmerican IPA3.5052.77-
Backyard Brew Yellow SubmarineAmerican Lager3.5012.99-
Backyard Brewery The Leaky BucketAmerican Amber / Red Lager3.5032.72-
BellmanEuropean Pale Lager6.0052.38-
BlåGulEuropean Pale Lager5.2092.19-
Carlsberg Beer 3,5%European Pale Lager3.5072.19-
Carlsberg hofEuropean Pale Lager4.2032.72-
Carlsberg Unfiltered 3,5 %German Kellerbier / Zwickelbier3.5014.25-
Carlsberg Unfiltered 4,5 %German Pilsner4.5023.29-
Carnegie Porter 3,5%Baltic Porter3.50222.9-
Carnegie Porter 5,5%Baltic Porter5.505974.12-
EriksbergEuropean Pale Lager5.30292.93-
Eriksberg HovmästarlagerLow Alcohol Beer0.5014.15-
Eriksberg Julöl 3,5 %Vienna Lager3.5013.43-
Eriksberg Julöl 5,6%Vienna Lager5.6053.29-
Eriksberg Juvel PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.5042.87-
Eriksberg KaraktärVienna Lager5.40113.34-
Eriksberg PärlanEnglish Bitter4.6000-
Eriksberg PåskölEuropean Dark Lager5.8052.88-
Eriksberg VintersagaMunich Dunkel Lager4.5023.27-
Falcon Alkoholfri LagerLow Alcohol Beer0.5022.4-
Falcon BayersktVienna Lager5.2033.19-
Falcon Bayerskt 2,1%Vienna Lager2.1042.71-
Falcon BBQAmerican Lager3.5000-
Falcon EkologiskEuropean Pale Lager5.2000-
Falcon Ekologisk 3,5%European Pale Lager?22.44-
Falcon Ekologisk 5,7% Special BrewEuropean Pale Lager5.7032.84-
Falcon ExportEuropean Pale Lager5.20352.83-
Falcon Extra BrewEuropean Pale Lager3.5022.61-
Falcon HusmanslagerVienna Lager3.5032.61-
Falcon JulölVienna Lager5.20112.89-
Falcon KopparAmerican Amber / Red Lager5.0042.77-
Falcon KorvpilsnerEuropean Pale Lager3.5022.84-
Falcon LiteAmerican Light Lager4.5000-
Falcon Little Big 3,5%American Adjunct Lager3.5012.38-
Falcon OktoberfestGerman Märzen / Oktoberfest5.5033.06-
Falcon PåskbrygdEuropean Pale Lager5.2012.25-
Falcon PilgrimGerman Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.5032.86-
Falcon PilsenerGerman Pilsner4.8033.38-
Falcon Raw No. 9German Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.50123.21-
Falcon Smakfull AlkoholfriLow Alcohol Beer0.5032.17-
Falcon Tipp TappVienna Lager4.5012-
MalmöfestivalenEuropean Pale Lager2.8013.75-
Millennium Öl 2,8 %European Pale Lager2.8022.41-
Millennium StarkölEuropean Pale Lager5.2062.06-
Pripps Blå 2,8%European Pale Lager2.8071.89-
Pripps Blå 3,5%European Pale Lager3.5062.24-
Pripps Blå ExportEuropean Pale Lager5.20272.49-
Pripps Blå Extra StarkEuropean Strong Lager7.0092.63-
Pripps Blå JulölVienna Lager5.0052.64-
Pripps Blå LättölEuropean Pale Lager2.20112.19-
Pripps Blå Pure 3,5%American Light Lager3.5011.92-
Pripps Blå Pure 4,8%American Light Lager4.8091.96-
Pripps Julöl 2,2%Vienna Lager2.2042.05-
SarekEuropean Export / Dortmunder5.2052.62-