Hometown Throw Down

Beer Smack by | Jan 2010 | Issue #36

Upon reflecting on 2009 in an attempt to come up with some great moments in beer for this here “Beer Smack,” we realized something… we need to travel more in the name of beer. Apart from Oktoberfest in Munich, Todd’s trip to London and a couple of quick trips (Dogfish Head in Delaware and SAVOR, in DC), our goal to travel more last year wasn’t met. Beer in the Boston area is awesome and whatnot, but we need to change that, experience more, and meet new faces and beers.

So far, we’re off to a good start this year. We’re currently typing this from a haunted hotel in Anchorage, Ala., before heading out to Midnight Sun Brewing Co., followed by an evening of debauchery and more beer. And we plan on traveling to places like Chicago, Denver and Vegas for sure. But again, we need to travel more… and not just the typical beer meccas. We need to check out emerging beer scenes and places yet to have been explored.

Now, this is where you BA mag readers come in.

In 150 words or less, tell us why we should come to your hometown for beer. The most convincing, passionate entry will result in our actually coming out to your hometown for beer, visiting your local breweries and beer bars, and of course you helping us to host an official BA gathering—plus other exciting fun. Send your entries to: [email protected], with “HomeTown ThrowDown” as the subject.

Cheers, good luck, and we look forward to hoisting some brews in your hometown!

Respect Beer.