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Wort’s Weird Journey: Beer’s Sometimes Unpredictable Path From Grain to Glass Feature by

Often wort’s journey is a short one, moving from one nearby tank to another. But it can be a complicated journey, too, from snaking through a 328-foot, creek-crossing pipeline at Industrial Arts Brewing to a second life in a “small” beer made from its second runnings.

TapRoot in Anchorage, Alaska Barkeep by

Over the years, TapRoot has hosted everything from burlesque shows to Scotch tastings, plus ongoing events like karaoke nights and a trivia series. They’re doing their damnedest to keep Anchorage weird, and it seems to be paying off.

Alaska Brewed Feature by

A state of stunning landscapes and untamed wilderness, Alaska is often forgotten when surveying America’s craft beer boom. But from breweries approaching two decades in business to those that just celebrated their first anniversary, great beer and great people can be found in every Alaskan city.

Inspiration Last Call by

Mark Staples of Midnight Sun Brewing Co. reflects on his inspired journey from working computers for the Australian government to running his own brewery in Alaska.

Hometown Throw Down Beer Smack by

We need to travel more, and not just the typical beer meccas. We need to check out emerging beer scenes and places yet to have been explored.

Beer Travels Unfiltered by

Whether you spend hours checking out every beer hall listed on the web or you just wander into a place that catches your attention, always try to make time for beer-related travels, big or small.