BeerAdvocate magazine #36

Hometown Throw Down Beer Smack by

We need to travel more, and not just the typical beer meccas. We need to check out emerging beer scenes and places yet to have been explored.

Beer News News by

Sapporo releases beer made with space barley; Vermont’s Long Trail to acquire Otter Creek; BrewDog unveils world’s strongest beer; and be brewmaster for a day at Frankenmuth.

Drinking Imperial Stout in Summer Unfiltered by

In the absence of technological obstacles, such as sufficient cooling resources, it’s more than a touch peculiar that we can’t enjoy year-round examples of many classic beer styles, some of which are lager beers.

Become a Campaigner for Better Beer The Politics of Beer by

To persuade others that they need to take beer seriously, you need to take it seriously. So drink and read and travel beyond your conventional horizons to discover where and how beer fits into the wider world.

Gearing up for the Beer Superbowl BYOB by

Even now, in the dregs of winter, it’s time to gear up to compete. April marks the start of homebrewing’s championship run—the AHA National Homebrew Competition.

Dann Paquette of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Going Pro by

When Dann Paquette moved back to New England from Yorkshire a year ago, he had no job and little money. A year later, Paquette’s beer is spreading along the Atlantic coast, and he’s enjoying the one perk he’d never attained: unfettered creative freedom.

Oud Bruin: The Sour Wonder Style Profile by

Also know as Flemish Brown Ale, the variety is marked by a distinct piquant tartness that is produced by Lactobacillus, an aggressive bacteria that infects the ale during fermentation.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users share their thoughts on unconventional methods used by brewers on their quest for “the world’s strongest beer.”

“Buy Low” in Beer Stock Exchange Innovation by

While the real stock market might be a buzzkill, these two concept bars are not just serving up good prices in a down economy, they are letting customers forget their real investment woes and feel once again like they are riding high.

Brewing with Cannabis Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek fields questions on brewing with marijuana.

4 Beer Soups for Colder Months Cooking with Beer by

In these recipes, beer is used not only to add liquid to these delicious soups, but the brew’s style adds extra-subtle flavors that cannot be created from a spice rack or other ingredient.

Beer in Review Feature by

This year’s “Beer in Review” was pulled from over one million BeerAdvocate member reviews of tens of thousands of listings to collectively acknowledge some of the best brewers, beers and places to have a pint in the world.

Asheville Destinations by

Asheville’s moniker is “Paris of the South,” but the place feels more like a strangely wonderful convergence of Appalachia and the South, with a bit of Cambridge, Mass., and Boulder, Colo., thrown in for good measure.

Feeling Rejuvenated in the Beer Biz! Last Call by

Christine Celis of the Celis Brewery and C2 Imports celebrates the beer biz.