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New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Company: Growing with the Community From the Source by

NOLA Brewing’s stewardship of the craft scene, focus on high-quality beer, and investment in the community has led to explosive growth in a city that had all but abandoned its historical designation as the Brewery Capital of the South.

Fire Up Your Fourth of July with a Semi-Patriotic Party Party-Gyle by

Fireworks, flags, barbecue and beer. If there’s one time to party, it’s the Fourth of July. Show off a little patriotic spirit by focusing on all-American craft ales, celebrating the country’s colorful brewing heritage. Red Ales, blueberry beers, and Wits, perhaps?

Beer-be-cue’n Part 2 Cooking with Beer by

Great barbecue can be found all over the USA, from Kansas City to Texas, to Memphis and out to the Carolinas. However, many of us do not have access in our hometowns to all this great barbecue nationwide, so here are a few more recipes to crave during the warm summer months.

Beer-be-cue’n Cooking with Beer by

Barbecue goes hand in hand with beer and is perfect for this time of year. When turning on the oven during those hot summer days seems counterproductive to staying cool, go back to your roots and cook outside. Get primal!

Austin Destinations by

Austin is home to the state university, some legendary BBQ, musicians, artists and other assorted weirdos. Which is to say, it’s a city that’s perpetually overrun by professional drinkers of every sort.

Fire, Smoke and Beer Cooking with Beer by

Without the clutter of different tastes coming from several ingredients, simplicity can still be complex; technique becomes the true test of the chef. Barbeque is just that: a technique.

The Sizzle Last Call by

Is packaged sex appeal really what’s needed to sell better beer in America’s restaurants?

You’re Soaking in It Cooking with Beer by

A little sacrifice from the fridge can pay off big-time on the grill with beer-based marinades.