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900 Steps to Beerdom Going Pro by

Over the past eight years the setup of this column hasn’t changed much: Why beer? Why brewing? Why do you do what you do? But the common theme, from Oregon to Kansas to the Carolinas, is the way that a passion for beer builds and rolls forward on its own momentum.

Brian Dunn, Founder of Great Divide Brewing Co. Last Call by

Before he built a brewery in Denver, Brian Dunn built a farm in Algeria. In June, Great Divide Brewing Company celebrated 20 years of Yetis, fresh hops and apparently, squirrel traps.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Ron Jeffries, Brian Dunn and Rich Doyle discuss the pros and cons of a national “packaged on” date standard.

Brian Dunn Going Pro by

Brian Dunn founded Great Divide Brewing Company to work with something he loved, and to work for himself.

American Barleywine: Sorry, That’s Barleywine-Style Ale Style Profile by

Bittersweet complexity, not just brute force, is Barleywine’s essence. It is for hopheads, not knuckleheads.