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Bittersweet Symphony: How Beer Is Informing Today’s Generation of Cider Makers Feature by

As with beer, craft cider is aiming for people with more sophisticated palates. And one of the first things modern cider makers have done is dry the palate out. To lure beer drinkers, cider makers in the Pacific Northwest started adding hops.

Hopleaf in Chicago, Illinois Barkeep by

The craft beer scene in Chicago was a bit behind in 1992. But with a bar like Hopleaf and emerging craft brewers popping up, things began to turn around.

The Big Business of Little Brewing Feature by

As demand increases in newer markets, microbreweries are at a crossroads: take out large loans and expand, or sell stakes to larger brewers and distributors. Factor in that a generation of craft brewing legends is approaching retirement, and these questions become even more complicated.

BadAss BeerAdvocates Feature by

Join us for our annual nod to these badasses as we raise our pints in their general direction, honoring them for their contributions to the beer industry and for giving beer the respect it deserves. Cheers!

Are you a BA? Last Call by

Greg Hall of Goose Island Beer Co. waxes poetic on everything besides the brew itself that makes beer great.