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Albany, New York: America’s Forgotten Beer City History by the Glass by

No longer known as a beer mecca, Albany, N.Y., was once the epicenter of beer production in the US, shipping Albany Ale as far as the Hawaiian Islands.

The New Primitives: In the Hudson Valley, Young Brewers Envision a Simple Future for New York Beer Feature by

New York State’s introduction of the Farm Brewery License in 2013, paired with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration’s pro-brewery stance, has encouraged small farm breweries to open in the Hudson Valley.

Peekskill Brewery: Seeking a Higher Standard in New York From the Source by

The distance between Peekskill’s old and new homes is only two-tenths of a mile, but their differences are dramatic. The latter features a 15-barrel brewhouse and a 16-draft taproom on the first floor, with a 65-seat restaurant and another 16 drafts pouring on the second floor.

Scott Vaccaro of Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Going Pro by

Scott Vaccaro learned to brew like a pro at the biggest institutions in California brewing, but the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, which he founded nearly eight years ago, is strongly rooted in his Westchester County, N.Y., hometown.

Crossroads Brewing Co. From the Source by

Forget all the normal hassles of starting a brewery—Ken Landin and Janine Bennett first had to rehab a historical Athens, N.Y., landmark after purchasing the building in October 2009.