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The Personal Trainer: Cicerone Content Director Pat Fahey Will Work For Beer by

As content director, Pat Fahey applied his background in chemistry and academia to expand Cicerone’s reputation as a beer education authority.

Medal, Schmedal Beer Smack by

At the end of the day, the real judges are consumers. And they don’t care if a beer meets specific style guidelines or wins a medal. They just care if the beer is good.

“And the Winner Is…” Inside the Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part II Feature by

It’s October 1st, and the cavernous Colorado Convention Center is packed with throngs of grinning Great American Beer Festival attendees. But beyond the buzzed masses the dull roar of the public fades into hushed utterances. It’s about 10 minutes before the GABF’s 30th annual awards ceremony begins.

Inside The Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part I Feature by

The first competition, back in 1987, had 12 categories; this year, there are 83, and if you count subcategories, which don’t get awards but help further define style parameters, 135.

The Globality of Beer BYOB by

Cosmopolitan Trout, so named for the abbey’s fishy founding legend, uses a little bit of something from everywhere.

Brewer Bling Beer Smack by

We don’t mean any disrespect to any of the organizations who host competitions, nor are we questioning their judging methods, and we’re sure that their intentions are good, but do consumers really care about medals?

Judging Beer Unfiltered by

With countless accolades slapped on the sides of six-packs, consumers are wise to learn about a competition’s methods before they plunk down money for an “award-winning” beer.