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Stjørdalsøl: Behind the Smoke, an Old Beer Style Thrives in Norway Feature by

Every winter in a quiet waterfront town in Norway, more than 500 members of the community brew a strong, smoked beer according to tradition. For centuries, this endangered style has remained virtually unknown to outsiders.

Beer News News by

Pabst to open pilot brewery in Milwaukee; Norwegian brewers recreate Viking beer recipe; Ontario’s Liquor Control Board introduces Craft Beer Zones; and breweries aid South Carolina flood victims.

Europe’s “New” Americans: Beyond Stone and Brooklyn, American Brewers are Bringing New Brews to the Old World Feature by

If we overlook all the Americans who moved to Europe and started brewing American-inspired beers there, which already-existing American craft brewery will be the first to open its own European brewing facility?

Kjetil Jikiun Going Pro by

Kjetil Jikiun once found inspiration in American craft brewers’ powerfully flavored ales. Now, his brews are a global sensation. But there’s a better line on his résumé: When he founded Nøgne Ø, he brought flavor to Norway.

Ægir: Brewery of the Gods Feature by

The soaring mountains, the verdant fjord, the crystal clear air, the splashing waterfalls, the mystic fog, the shimmering light—in this scenic land, you wouldn’t want to enjoy a fresh beer in a place that was anything less than spectacular.

American Brewers in the Land of the Midnight Sun Feature by

Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company joins a growing number of American brewers collaborating with Scandinavian beer brethren.

Express Your Inner Viking! Cooking with Beer by

Scandinavian elixirs have inspired a new interpretation of gastronomic delights to the Old World cuisine of the Vikings.