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Oaxacan Vacation: Mole-Style Tacos and Burgers With Beer Hot Sauce Cooking with Beer by

Nor Cal Mole, a hot sauce made with Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout, creates layers of umami flavor in recipes for taco meat, a mole burger, and Oaxacan secret sauce.

Beef Stout Stroganoff Cooking with Beer by

A few key recipe tweaks—including the addition of an Oatmeal Stout—infuse the finished stroganoff with layers of scrumptious flavor and texture, yielding a balanced yet complex version of a nostalgic comfort dish.

5 Sources of Inspiration for Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 6 Degrees of Fermentation by

Founders head brewer Jeremy Kosmicki reveals the five beverages that inspired Kentucky Breakfast Stout, from Redhook Double Black Stout to Jim Beam.

Cooking with Stout: Marinades, Beans, and Dessert Cooking with Beer by

Learn to layer Stout’s smoky, roasty flavors with recipes for a zesty citrus marinade, an earthy ham and bean side dish, and a savory blackberry jam.

How to Make a Brewski Old Fashioned Beer Cocktail Kindred Spirits by

This beer cocktail combines classic old fashioned ingredients of orange peel, cherry, and bourbon with Oatmeal Stout and a housemade vanilla Stout syrup for sweetness.

Stout & Stormy Kindred Spirits by

A healthy dose of roasty Oatmeal Stout proved to be the perfect visual and flavorful companion to a Dark & Stormy, adding a nutty, rich complexity to a refreshing patio classic.

Gingerbread Oatmeal Stout Coffeecake and Noël Bread Cooking with Beer by

Noël Bread and Gingerbread Oatmeal Stout Coffeecake, two easy-to-bake breakfast treats will delight one and all, maybe even becoming one of your family’s holiday traditions.

Creating a Mashed Potato Bar Cooking with Beer by

Make a mashed potato bar that has a few of the classic potato accoutrements, and then add beer cuisine sauces and additional items to make your next get-together something really special.

Turning Cupcakes into Pubcakes Cooking with Beer by

I started playing around with cupcakes and, of course, adding beer spins to some nostalgic flavors. It was then that I actually started to understand the excitement.

Oatmeal Stout: Drink Your Oatmeal Style Profile by

Dark and handsome with a brown collar of foam, this is a deliciously filling beer that seems, well, wholesome. Knock back a couple of them and you can almost feel your cholesterol dropping.

A Twist on a Classic German Snack Cooking with Beer by

Over 300 million pounds of pretzels are made each year. Impress friends and guests with these four flavors that aren’t your everyday pretzel variety.