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Summer Beer Flip Kindred Spirits by

The combination of rum, apricot marmalade, chocolate bitters and Victory Prima Pils create a beer cocktail that tastes like an orange creamsicle with a bright, bitter twist. A full egg also brings a creamy aspect to this flip.

Dark Days for Rotterdam History by the Glass by

There were many parallels between the circumstances in Britain and Holland in the early years of World War II. Raw materials were getting scarcer, and the strength of beer was falling. There were also limitations on the types of beer brewed. Drinkers couldn’t always get what they wanted.


Given that it’s one of the four “legal” beer ingredients and that it comprises 95 percent of our brew (or 90 to 85 percent, for some of us), ignoring water’s impact can relegate your brew to the drain.

The Taste of German Pils Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek lays out the difference in flavor between authentic German Pils and, at times, poor American imitations.

German Pils: Beautifully Bitter Style Profile by

The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has emerged as a hotbed of craft-brewed Pilsners. Specifically, the crisp and bitter northern German-style Pils.

Munich Helles: You’ll Know It When You Taste It Style Profile by

Munich Helles, at first glance, is almost identical to Pilsner. Clear and blond, they both sparkle with carbonation that rises to a creamy, white collar of foam. On a hot and muggy day, you just want to dive in and soak it up.

Contract Brewing, Kentucky Craft, and Hop Sickness Ask the Beer Geek by

Alternating proprietorships; help, I’m almost 21 in Kentucky; and, are you as confused as me?

Bohemian Pilsner: Will the Real Pilsner Please Stand Up? Style Profile by

At its finest, Pilsner is a delicate, refreshing glass with a pure, flowery bouquet and a crisp finish.

Home Infection, 2,555-Day-Old Budweiser and Klosterbräu Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek tackles home infections, old beer, Klosterbräu and beer’s fattening effect.