Alyvų G. 8, Biržų K.
Biržai, 41180

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
AikoLager - European Strong9.5333.0712-06-2016
Aiko PaleLager - European Pale4.7162.9707-08-2018
Alaus KeliasOld Ale5.563.8111-19-2020
Anniversary PilsenerPilsner - Bohemian / Czech3.833.7107-19-2021
Baro ŠventinisHerb and Spice Beer5.613.202-02-2020
Baro TradicinisLager - European Strong7133.2111-19-2013
Before-After Premium LagerLager - European Pale4.732.5511-22-2014
Before-After Premium Lager (12% ABV)Lager - European Strong121172.6408-16-2020
Before-After Triple BockBock - Doppelbock12503.1802-26-2022
Birzenburg AmberLager - American Amber / Red5.413.4910-03-2020
Birzenburg DunkelLager - Munich Dunkel7.513.506-06-2021
Birzenburg LagerLager - European Pale5.213.0611-22-2020
Birzenburg PorterPorter - Robust613.6306-26-2021
Biržiečių I-okasLager - European Strong7.512.2801-22-2018
Biržiečių III-okasLager - European Pale5.212.5608-13-2018
Biržiečių Kriaušių Skonio Rauginta GiraKvass1.21408-09-2019
Biržiečių Pinta 5.0Lager - European Pale512.2704-19-2017
Biržiečių Pinta 5.2Lager - European Pale5.212.3904-19-2017
Biržiečių Pinta 6.0Lager - European Pale612.7705-10-2017
Biržiečių Radleris Greipfrutų 5.0Fruit and Field Beer513.2506-23-2019
Biržiečių Rauginta GiraKvass023.9706-23-2019
Biržiečių Slyvų Skonio Rauginta GiraKvass1.214.3806-01-2019
Biržiečių Standartas 5.0Lager - European Pale513.0210-13-2017
Biržiečių Standartas 6.0Lager - European Pale612.3802-19-2019
Biržiečių TradicinisLager - European Pale612.9405-04-2017
BiržiečiuLager - European Strong8182.9512-29-2015
Cocka-TooLager - European Strong1231.0111-11-2014
Cocka-Too Pomegranate Deluxe BeerFruit and Field Beer12222.3501-05-2019
Cocka-Too Pomegranate LagerLager - European Pale4.733.2202-20-2016
Crazy Brewski Imperial PilsPilsner - Imperial15992.4405-26-2022
Disco Is BackLager - Adjunct4.513.2506-07-2021
Dragon LadyBock - Doppelbock9.7773.0103-27-2022
Effin' AwesomeLager - European Strong16152.510-26-2021
ExclusiveBock - Doppelbock1513.7503-04-2017
Fuggin' AwesomeLager - European Strong16212.9102-27-2021
GediminoLager - European Pale4.8113.0603-08-2014
Hell On High Quad BockBock - Doppelbock14842.5704-03-2022
HemptationLager - European Pale5.243.4611-23-2021
JuodasisLager - Schwarzbier4.243.5707-08-2018
Kvass BiržiečiųKvass013.503-08-2020
Lobster Lovers BeerLager - European Strong9.51562.8402-18-2022
Lobster Lovers Beer (Blue Label)Lager - European Pale5.2122.7901-07-2018
Lobster Lovers PorterPorter - English8.272.5607-25-2013
Microhistory Beer Karavas ForeverLager - Vienna5.423.3102-02-2019
Microhistory Beer Monteball 2020Low-Alcohol Beer023.6606-20-2019
Microhistory Beer Pupsy The GreatStout - Irish Dry4.224.3404-23-2018
Microhistory Beer Schengen BeastLager - European Pale5.222.8504-24-2019
Microhistory Beer Sharp ConceptBock - Doppelbock1533.6804-06-2019
Microhistory Beer Strange ConnectionsLager - Helles4.713.505-03-2018
Missing ElfBock - Doppelbock9.5822.6908-18-2018
Mozart Vienna Style LagerLager - Vienna5.37307-25-2019
MS50 Miežių SalykloLager - European Pale512.6208-05-2018
NealkoholinisLow-Alcohol Beer023.1204-27-2019
Nealkoholinis IPALow-Alcohol Beer033.703-28-2019
Port LightLager - European Pale4.713.0308-17-2009
Port NightLager - European Dark5.212.6808-16-2009
Port Of Discovery American Lager BeerLager - American4.523.5806-13-2020
Port Of Discovery Porter BeerPorter - Baltic623.8606-12-2020
Port Of Discovery Radler PearFruit and Field Beer2.513.2509-01-2019
Port Of Discovery Rauchbier BeerLager - Rauchbier5.224.0205-28-2020
Port Of Discovery Roggenbier BeerRye Beer - Roggenbier5.223.7605-27-2020
Rink's Anniversary AltbierAltbier5.423.7610-03-2019
Rinkuškiai EPAPale Ale - English5.21404-24-2021
Rinkuškiai Hops & CannabisLager - European Pale5.223.511-24-2018
Rinkuškiai Hops & Cannabis NealkoholinisLow-Alcohol Beer013.512-09-2018
Rinkuškiai IPAIPA - English523.6711-10-2019
Rinkuškiai KalėdinisHerb and Spice Beer61412-27-2020
Rinkuškiai Kvietinis NefiltruotasWheat Beer - Hefeweizen513.509-14-2020
Rinkuškiai PorterPorter - Baltic623.2512-22-2019
Rinkuškiai Radler Cucumber NealkoholinisLow-Alcohol Beer013.2505-04-2019
Rinkuškiai Radler Grape NealkoholinisLow-Alcohol Beer023.706-01-2019
Rinkuškiai Radler Grapefruit TasteFruit and Field Beer513.6308-16-2020
Rinkuškiai Radler Grapefruit Taste 7.5Fruit and Field Beer7.513.0812-06-2020
Rinkuškiai Wheat Radler Grapefruit TasteFruit and Field Beer4.513.7706-26-2021
Rinkuškių Be GliutenoLager - European Pale4.713.502-19-2017
Rinkuškių DrumstasLager - European Pale653.5211-22-2020
Rinkuškių KartusisBitter - English533.6907-08-2018
Rinkuškių Miežinis (Barley)Lager - European Pale543.0810-27-2019
Rinkuškių NaminisLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier6.513.7904-20-2021
Rinkuškių PiliakalnioLager - European Pale5.412.9908-26-2017
Rinkuškių PilsnerisPilsner - German3.844.1105-08-2019
Rinkuškių PorterisPorter - Baltic5.6103.7409-19-2021
Rinkuškių ŠviežiasLager - European Pale5.211.9601-25-2017
Rinkuškių TradicinisLager - European Pale612.2101-20-2017
Rinkuškiai Agaro Tradicinis (Agar Traditional)Lager - European Pale612.7308-13-2009
Rinkuškiu Proginis (Occasional)Lager - European Pale5.262.8706-09-2019
Rinkuškiu Tradicinis (Traditional)Lager - European Strong723.7401-08-2014
Semigallia Coast AltbierAltbier5.453.701-29-2020
Semigallia Coast LagerLager - European Pale5.233.4601-29-2020
Seno RūsioAltbier5.443.9906-09-2019
Seno Rūsio GiraKvass1.214.2511-22-2020
Shandy SauvignonFruit and Field Beer4.513.7507-05-2022
Standard 10 ImperialLager - European Pale5.713.508-28-2014
Svečio TamsusisLager - European Dark7.512.0509-22-2017
The Way of the WarriorLager - Malt Liquor7.50010-23-2021
Tradicinė GiraKvass1.21406-03-2019
UostoLager - European Strong8172.5210-15-2014
Uosto PaleLager - European Pale552.6607-22-2012
WerewolfBrown Ale - Belgian Dark8.21472.9205-29-2022
Werewolf (Green Label)Lager - European Pale5.2152.8707-01-2012
Wielka SiłaLager - European Strong12152.905-03-2019
YershistoeStrong Ale - English6.212.9705-28-2012
ŽaiboLager - European Strong9.5512.7201-17-2016
Žaldoko BiržietiškasLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.423.2612-22-2018
Žaldoko NefiltruotasLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.223.2412-24-2018
Žaldoko Receptai Airiškas StautasStout - Irish Dry4.223.502-10-2020
Žaldoko Receptai Bavariškas RuginisRye Beer - Roggenbier5.213.609-17-2019
Žaldoko Receptai DūminisSmoked Beer5.223.7508-21-2019
Žaldoko Receptai English Pale AlePale Ale - English5.213.3806-18-2021
Žaldoko Receptai IPALager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier522.7204-15-2019
Žaldoko Receptai KalėdinisHerb and Spice Beer5.623.2412-21-2019
Žaldoko Receptai KvietinisWheat Beer - Hefeweizen513.1506-25-2020
Žaldoko Receptai PilsnerisPilsner - German3.813.5409-12-2020
Žaldoko Receptai PorterisPorter - Baltic613.4110-19-2019
Žaldoko Receptai Stautas 20Stout - English623.2408-31-2019
Žaldoko Receptai ŠventinisHerb and Spice Beer5.613.3101-26-2020
Žaldoko TamsusisLager - European Dark61306-07-2020
Zhigulevskoe (Жигулевское)Lager - European Pale5.4132.5305-17-2020
Zhiguly Grande 9,5Lager - European Strong9.4353.108-11-2020

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