BeerAdvocate magazine #42

Beer is Fun! Beer Smack by

Let’s remember that beer is the world’s ultimate social lubricant. It brings a lot of different people together for the same reasons. So let’s keep it fun, approachable and inclusive.

Beer News News by

Dry petitioners want a wet Dallas; Pabst Brewery sold; former Schmidt’s owner passes away; Milwaukee Brewing converts cooking oil for boiler heat.

The Blind Side Unfiltered by

While beer is a social beverage that is meant to be enjoyed in good company, it helps to occasionally step back and inspect the foundations of our beer knowledge and beliefs.

The Length of Britain in 80 Beers The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb sets off on his cycling journey across the UK.

Wayne Wambles of Cigar City Brewing Going Pro by

Wayne Wambles of Cigar City was a cook before he was a brewer, and he applies the lessons he learned in the kitchen to the brew kettle. Now, the young Tampa brewery is taking Florida by storm.

Berliner Weisse: Champagne of the North Style Profile by

The style probably dates to the 16th or 17th century and was so renowned that Napoleon’s troops supposedly called it the “Champagne of the North.”

Multitasking Bottle Openers Innovation by

From head to toe (literally), here’s a collection of a half-dozen multitasking items that will assure you always have a way to crack open that cold one, while not having to keep track of your bottle opener.

Summer Picnicking with Pale Ale Cooking with Beer by

The hearty stews and soups of winter are replaced with fresh vegetables and bright tastes of summer that stand out on the palate, and what better brew for the warm outdoors than a hoppy Pale Ale.

A Quarry Full of Beer From the Source by

Based in Butte, Mont., Quarry Brewing Company and owner/brewmaster Chuck Schnabel draw on the area’s rich geological resources and history for the company’s slogan: “We dig beer.”

Beer Chefs Feature by

Let’s stow the mashstaffs for an issue and drop a respectful nod to those who are dedicated to the knife and board.

Milwaukee Destinations by

Milwaukee’s beer scene is far from dead. You just have to quit looking for an old guard whose days are gone, and start paying attention to Milwaukee’s neighborhoods, where good beer is thriving quietly.

Keep Going, It’s Worth It Last Call by

Sean Cody of Cody Brewing Company encourages perseverance in the pursuit of your passions.